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The Arc’teryx LEAF Cloak LT – Myth or Marketable?

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

By now you’ve seen the viral video by Tactical Distributors of Uber Group’s DK detailing the various functions of the fictional Urban Cloak. But what if it was a real product?

I just had a discussion here at OR with some of the folks on the Arc’teryx LEAF team (ok, it was Marc’teryx and someone else) about making a real cloak/cape.

Here was my pitch in a nutshell.

Arc’teryx employees have been manufacturing capes for Vancouver’s homeless in their free time for years as part of the Nest project. Made from scrap fabric, these cloaks provide rudimentary shelter for their wearers.

Every time I mention these cloaks, readers want to purchase them. So why not make a limited run of these simple garments that can be wrapped around wearer and gear? Make them in Urban Wolf or Crocodile and do a two-for -one deal. For every Cloak purchased through LEAF, a Cloak will be donated to a homeless Veteran.

Granted, they aren’t quite the same thing, but the this project would provide an item that the market has asked for and also provide some support to our brothers and sisters who aren’t doing so well. So what do you guys think?

Should Arc’teryx undertake this project?