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BOGO 50%: Grey Ghost Gear GGAP-31 LVL III+ Armor

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018


Grey Ghost Gear is having a “Buy One, Get One Half Off” Sale on their latest LVL III+ composite armor plates, with free shipping and additional swag tossed in for good measure. The GGAP-31 is a single curve plate that only weight 4.14 pounds due to it’s advanced hybrid composite design. That’s quite a significant weight reduction from a standard 10″x12″ plate – all without sacrificing threat protection. The GGAP-31 is multi shot rated for rounds like 7.62 x 51mm M80 @ 2780 FPS and 5.56 x 45mm M855/SS109 @ 3020 FPS. These plates are NIJ 0101.06 Certified, wrapped in a durable 1000D Cordura® Nylon Finish, and best of all… made in the USA.


The first 50 orders will also receive a GG Minimalist Plate Carrier in Navy w/ black webbing. Usually the MPC only comes in the usual black, coyote, MultiCam and Wolf Grey, so the Navy is a unique color offering not usually seen. The Minimalist retails for $126.50 while the individual plates retail for $430 each. Currently the deal for both plates (and whether or not your order is 1-50 and gets a carrier) is $645.00

The promotion ends July 31st @ Midnight PST. Click here to view the bundle offer.

Angel 7 Sidewinder Power Rail System

Friday, May 25th, 2012

ArmorSource has integrated the new Sidewinder Powered Rail into their new helmet line.

The Sidewinder is the industry’s first powered helmet accessory platform. Designed, engineered, and patented by Kerry Harris, it is a product of A7 Tactical Systems, LLC.

The Sidewinder is designed to directly attach and power accessories such as cameras, high powered illumination devices, etc. These accessories can be used independently or together on either side of the helmet. The big advantage here is that accessories no longer require battery compartments. This means lighter weight and sleeker design as well as alleviating the need to swap out batteries for individual items. In fact, the Sidewinder features a single, hot swappable power cell.

These reactor power cells custom designed with a built in protection chip that prevents incidental or purposeful shorting of the system even when it is fully submerged. The Reactor power packs are lightweight, flat, weighs only a few ounces, and can be replaced in a matter of seconds without removing the helmet. The Reactor cells are fully rechargeable which reduces the hazmat issue associated with the disposal of standard AAA, AA, lithium, and other disposable cells.

Angel 7 has already designed several accessories including:

1. The A7 Tactical Illuminator (TIL) boasting 130 lumens at a mere 3 inches long and 29.4 grams. It offers 3 hrs usage time.

2. The A7 micro cam features one touch operation, 720dp, 5 hours usage time in a compact package.

3. Gunfighter combat goggles clip directly on to the Sidewinder platform. Angel 7 has leveraged work on aviation helmets to offer 4 different visor options including photochromic and LEP.

In addition to powered accessories, the Sidewinder is mil std 1913 so it will also accommodate traditional, non-powered items that fit on a Picatinny rail. And, the Picatinny compatibility is extremely important because Angel 7 has also developed a powered weapon rail that will be unveiled soon. This means, that for the first time, you will have compatibility between weapon and helmet, including power for your cameras, illuminators, lights and other accessories.

Of additional interest, Angel 7 has already produced Sidewinder variants in A-TACS, MultiCam and digital desert.