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TAD Gear Bandoleer

Monday, June 30th, 2008

A few weeks ago we mentioned that Triple Aught Designs had begun to develop a line of niche load carrying solutions. They recently introduced the Bandoleer. Designed as a versatile, grab and go platform, the Bandoleer is as useful at work as it is at play. A friend sent us this photo of him using the Bandoleer during a recent fishing trip and he told us, “The fish never saw me coming”.

Bandoleer at Play

The Bandoleer can be configured for right or left handed carry and is quickly donned and an anti-sway strap keeps the Bandoleer stable during strenuous activity. Worn like a sash, the padded Cordura panels are lined with Coolmax for comfort and the shoulder pad features a no-slip surface to keep it where it belongs. Fully compatible with MOLLE pouches, the Bandoleer also accommodates the ever expanding range of specialized TAD pouches which utilize the 2TIBS attaching system. The Bandoleer is an excellent foundation for a Bug Out Kit, especially for mounted troops or Law Enforcement professionals who find themselves constantly in the confined space of a vehicle.

TAD Gear BandoleerBandoleer with Pouches and Holster

We have already seen similar versions from their competitors but this one is the original. The Bandoleer is available in Black, Foliage Green, and Multicam and can be purchased from TAD or authorized dealers.