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BattleLab Optics Bags with or without Laptop Insert

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

Over the past few months we have published articles on equipment designed for reconnaissance and surveillance operations. This type of work generally requires quite a bit of communications and electronics that can be vulnerable to environmental conditions if not stored properly. Diamondback Tactical’s BattleLab division has a couple of pack inserts designed specifically for this mission set called the Optics Bag and it comes with or without a laptop insert. One is for optics only, the second for optics with the addition of a padded computer sleeve.

DBT BattleLab Optics Bag

The Optics Bags are padded bags and constructed of 1000D nylon with YKK brand zippers. Modular in design, the user can configure the bag to fit his specific equipment such as laptops, night vision systems, telephoto lenses and cameras or optical recording devices. The lid features four zippered pockets including a utility pocket, a large mesh pocket for storing small objects and two clear plastic pouches for storing items that need extra protection. The Optics Bag is also available with an external padded computer sleeve on the lid.

Each insert is specifically designed to fit into a BattleLab SOF Assault Pack or the BattleLab Jumpable Backpack but can also be used as a stand alone bag. The insert features a grab handle to facilitate movement.

To order go to Diamondback Tactical.

Photo courtesy of Diamondback Tactical.