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SOMA – Black Box Biometrics

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

Developed under a DARPA program, the Blast Gauge sensor system from Black Box Biometrics (B3) collects data about blast exposure.


One of the great features of the Blast Gauge is that it gives instant feedback after an event. Simply depress a detent on the face of the device and the Soldier gets a Green, Amber or Red light based on the level of blast overpressure. Additionally, the device can be interrogated and data about the last 10 events downloaded and reviewed by medical personnel to allow them to characterize the exposure and formulate a treatment plan.


The device is small and can be mounted on the rear of the helmet as well as the chest and shoulder allowing for more accurate collection of overpressure waves and their effects on different areas of the body.

I see a lot of advantages with the Blast Gauge. It is compact and lightweight, offering immediate feedback to the Soldier. Additionally, it assists in triage and subsequent treatment options as well as overall research into blast overpressure.