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BAE Corona Pictures

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

BAE’s Corona was on prominent display at AUSA. Finally, pictures reveal the intricate detail of the Corona design.

BAE Corona Front

BAE Corona

BAE Corona Back

The blue cast on the pictures is from the booth’s mood lighting. I suppose it was to help you envision the future. Speaking of future, below is a photo of a BAE conceptual helmet with one of the shell panels removed in order to demonstrate the construction.
BAE Concept Helmet

BAE Corona – Back by Popular Demand

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

BAE authorized me to release the following information on the Corona system several weeks ago. Due to some administrative issues the information was removed for a short period of time. Since I posted some info on TRON yesterday, I have received several requests to repost what information I can on BAE’s exciting new CORONA system.

The CORONA System is an add-on accessory for ballistic helmets designed to integrate the many different mission-specific components that Special Operation Forces utilize on their helmets. The main system consists of four lightweight-reinforced, ballistically inert polymer parts that form the ‘corona’ around the helmet.

These user-configurable parts are the Front VAS Section, Rear-Section, a Left and Right Earcup-Section, and the elastomer SPINE. The Front and Rear sections can be utilized independently, simultaneously, or in conjunction with the Earcup sections. All of the components mount to any ACH or MICH ballistic shell via the suspension and NVG mounting holes already on the helmet and do not require any additional modifications.

The Front VAS Section provides a significantly more stable NVG mount than current designs and the configuration of the lightweight alloy interface plate accepts both Norotos as well as Wilcox NVG mounts. Also integrated are: NVG lanyards, name/blood-type/allergy plates, and LED light/accessory clips. The Rear-Section is designed to hold a counter-balance (such as an MBITR battery) or any other component the Operator chooses. All components are mounted to the system via elastomer T-Bone straps that are easy to attach and break-away under load to mitigate snag hazards (critical for airborne operations). The Earcup-Sections attach over the CORONA’s Front and Rear sections and have several innovative features: Goggle-Pivots, MIL-STD-1913 (Mini-Pic) Rail-Interface, Cable-Management, and Plug-In O2 Mask Receptacles. The shock-cord goggle interfaces are attached to the Operators goggles and pivot on the Earcup-Sections eliminating the strap around the helmet, Mini-Pic Rails can be attached to accept various rail-mounted COTS devices, and the Plug-In O2 Mask Receptacles allow the Operator to utilize his ballistic helmet for HALO/HAHO operations without the need for a separate jump-helmet. The SPINE is an elastomeric strap that fits over the top of the helmet and allows the Operator to mount various Strobes/Markers/Reflectors currently in use. Alternatively, the new TRON IR Combat-ID device hooks into the CORONA System in place of the SPINE section.

The CORONA System will be sold as a complete upgrade kit including all parts of the outer architecture. It will be available in Foliage Green, Desert Tan, and Flat Dark Earth to blend in with current kits. The system will be commercially available under the BAE Systems “ECLiPSE” brand and should go into production by the end of 2008.