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First Tactical Launches

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

5.11 Tactical Founder Dan Costa sold his brand several years ago and rode off into the sunset, or so we thought. At SHOT Show I heard some rumblings that a new company was in the offing and yesterday didn’t disappoint. Although First Tactical officially launched on April 1st, I didn’t want to post something and confuse readers who might think it was a joke, because this is very serious business. It is going to have some companies reevaluating their business model.


First off, Dan Costa knows what he is doing. He’s a very savvy businessman and not only built 5.11 into a ubiquitous brand but then sold it for an astonishing amount of money rumored to be nine figures. Second, he took lessons learned from building 5.11 Tactical and will concentrate heavily on product development. While First Tactical is in the same business space, they will do some things differently. The biggest take away is that they are cutting out the middle man. That’s right; no retailers and that means lower, direct to consumer pricing.

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This short video gives you a few more insights.

First Tactical will begin to take orders on the 4th of July.


Dan Costa Stepping Down as CEO of 5.11 Tactical

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Monday, Dan Costa will pass the reigns of 5.11 Tactical to Former Marine Tom Davin after 10 years of building the company to an industry powerhouse. No matter what you make of 5.11 Tactical you have to admire Costa’s tenacity. In 10 years he has built a brand that has essentially defined the concept of “tactical pants.”

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