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SOC-F Custom SSD/ADM Rifle Raffle Has Raised $7500 So Far, Let’s Make it $10,000

Thursday, December 14th, 2017

Last week, we launched a raffle along with SOC-F and the Duskin-Stephens Foundation to raise funds for the families of the four 2nd Bn, 3rd SFG(A) Soldiers killed earlier this year in Niger. So far, we’ve raised $7500. The raffle closes soon so we can get the funds disbursed in time to make a difference for Christams and I’d like to see this get to $10,000.

If you’ve already bought a ticket, thank you. If you haven’t please do. Either way, please share this raffle with friends and coworkers.

In case you missed it before, here’s the story:
A few months ago, William Phebus of American Defense MFG approached me about doing a custom SSD rifle to raffle for charity. As a Veteran, I jumped at the opportunity and told him to start working on the project and I’d identify a charity. Unfortunately, one presented itself not long after. Four Soldiers, deployed to the African nation of Niger and assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne), were killed during a brutal gun battle with Muslim extremists. I was assigned to the Military Intelligence Detachment of 2/3 SF, serving on a SOT-A from 1990-96. Although I am long retired and never knew any of those men, we share a kinship of common service. And, as a husband and father, I am always concerned about the families who lose someone dear to military service.

SSG Bryan C. Black, SSG Jeremiah W. Johnson, SSG Dustin M. Wright, and SGT La David T. Johnson, you are not forgotten.

Speaking with friends currently serving in 3rd Group, I know that their loss really hit the Bush Hogs hard and I vowed to do something to support each of the families of those men. I want to make sure that every child has a Christmas and the families have bridge funds to help offset any unforeseen expenditures associated with their loss. I hope you’ll join me in this endeavor.

Eric Graves
Editor, Soldier Systems Daily

ADM did the heavy lifting and came through with a great rifle package, which includes accessories I use on my rifle. I will always be in their debt for thier efforts. Since I use a T2 red dot sight on my rifle, the great folks at Aimpoint donated one to the cause. I turned to my friends at the Special Operations Care Fund (SOC-F) to help with the raffle and at the Duskin-Stephens Foundation to distribute the funds once the fundraiser is finished. Richard King Photography donated these fantastic photos of the build to the cause as well. Neither I, nor any of of these companies, are taking a dime from this fundraiser. They do it because they support the men and women who defend this great land.

What we are raffling

ADM UIC MOD2 (Soldier Systems Daily Edition)

· 14.5 Criterion Barrel 1/8 .223 Wylde Chamber
· Surefire War Comp Flash Hider Pin & Welded
· American Defense MFG® Billet Upper Receiver
· American Defense MFG® Completely Ambidextrous Billet Lower Receiver
· American Defense MFG® 13.5 MLOK rail
· Talon Ambidextrous Safety
· Raptor Ambidextrous Charging Handle
· Geissele® G2S Trigger
· Aimpoint® T2 Red Dot Sight
· American Defense MFG® QD Mount
· Magpul® MBUS Pro Flip Up Sights
· Magpul® Stock
· Magpul® MOE+ Grip
· Magpul® Magazine with MagPod
· Raven Concealment® Top Stop

The carbine features our SSD and KCRF logos.

No one else in the world will have a rifle like this, not even me.

Ticket Info:
SOC-F is only selling tickets to win this rifle package for one week. Tickets are $25.00 each
5 for $100.00
15 for $250.00
40 for $500.00
100 for $1,000.00

There are always rules, and this raffle is no different. Void where prohibited by law. This rifle IS NOT California compliant. It is American compliant. Please know your local, State, and Federal laws before making a donation. We will not reconfigure the rifle for States that have restrictions on features already assembled. Donations are appreciated, but NOT tax deductible.

To get your chance to win this one-of-a-kind rifle, visit SSD / SOC-F “De Oppresso Liber” Relief Carbine.