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Surefire Echo Knife

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Surefire Echo Knife

Designed specifically for use by Special Warfare personnel, the fixed blade Echo features a spear point crafted from CRUCIBLE CPM® 3V® carbon steel coated in a rustproof film. Envisioned by Knifesmith Steve Ryan, it is a straight forward design that is low on gadgetry and high on reliability. The inch and a half of the blade closest to the handle is serrated and the entire blade features an asymmetrical grind.

Surefire Echo Knife

The Micartaâ„¢ handle was chosen for wet conditions and its ergonomic profile covers a cutaway steel frame to reduce weight. The injection-molded sheath has an edge reinforced with rivets which also facilitate numerous attaching options. It is form fitted to the blade and keeps the knife secure. Additionally, the DMT diamond sharpener is ingeniously hidden in the Tek-lok attachment.

Surefire Echo's Hidden Diamond Sharpener

For more information visit Surefire online.