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Kevin Brittingham & Lindsay Bunch Join SIG

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Kevin Brittingham Joins SIG

I got a chance to catch up with Kevin Brittingham when he told me that he had joined SIG Sauer to head up their new SIG-SD Silencer business unit. We had last spoken at SHOT Show, right after winning a mutli-million dollar lawsuit against former employer Freedom Group. Brittingham founded Advanced Armament Corporation in 1994 which he sold to FGI in 2009 and is widely recognized as an expert in suppressor technology. His attitude at SHOT Show was very upbeat and he indicated that there were going to be some things to see at next year’s show.

Kevin is very excited about the opportunity at SIG and shared this with me, “Ethan Lessard, was the head of my engineering at AAC, quit and went back to SIG when I was fired. He did the LVAW (honey badger). He also started the Remington 51 and we were using it as the basis of our integrally silenced pistol platform.” That is a pretty intriguing statement but what he followed up with is all Kevin, “He’s a stud. We are working together again. Expect awesome shit.”

NEWINGTON, N.H. (February 17, 2014) — SIG SAUER® is proud to announce that Kevin Brittingham and Lindsay Bunch are joining its staff, adding decades of product design, R&D, and military experience. Their collective expertise will further enhance the company’s existing state-of-the-art special weapons development capabilities.

SIG SAUER welcomes Kevin Brittingham to lead its new SIG-SD Silencer business unit, as well as other special programs within its Military/Law Enforcement development activities.

Brittingham, the founder of Advanced Armament Corporation, currently holds more than 40 patents in the firearms industry. As part of his work at AAC, Brittingham also led the development of the .300 AAC Blackout cartridge. Recently, Brittingham was a founding member of the American Silencer Association, an advocacy group dedicated to championing the use of suppressors and lifting restrictions on ownership.

SIG SAUER is also pleased to announce the addition of Lindsay Bunch as Product Manager, Special Weapons Development Group.

Bunch joins SIG SAUER after serving more than two decades in the United States Army. With more than 10 years as an Army Sniper, Bunch moved into Special Operations Command, where his skills and experience were used in research and development of many of the U.S. military’s precision weapons systems in use today. His extraordinary knowledge will help SIG SAUER continue as an innovator and leader in the precision weapons category.

“SIG SAUER’s commitment to attracting the best minds in the industry drives our cutting-edge weapons systems,” said Ron Cohen, SIG SAUER President and Chief Executive Officer. “The addition of Kevin and Lindsay to the team demonstrates the company’s strategic investment in personnel to help design and engineer the finest weapons, technology, and support for our military customers.”


Congratulations to SIG SAUER for picking up both Brittingham and Bunch.


Opinion & Order – Kevin Brittingham and Lynsey Thompson v. AAC & Remington

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

If you’ve been waiting for the big SHOT Show, industry insider buzz, I’d say this is it.

We recently informed you that Advanced Armament Corp founder and his associate Lynsey Thompson and won their two-year-long court battle with AAC’s new owners Remington ask Freedom Group aka FGI. Now, we have full access to Judge Katherine Forrest’s opinion. It’s quite the read and she didn’t pull any punches in reaching her verdict or explaining it.

Interestingly, the judge issued the document on Brittingham’s 40th birthday. Talk about a birthday present. Based on conversations with him the judgement could be in excess of $14 Million, but considering the amount he was still owed couple with what he has paid out in legal fees and personal pain, I’d say that it isn’t outrageous. It also lifts any non-compete restrictions, so for Kevin Brittingham, it’s “game on!”

Read it all for yourself by downloading it here: Brittingham Opinion & Order.