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HyperStealth FADESPAT

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

We are very excited to finally be able to tell you about HyperStealth’s FADESPATâ„¢. FADESPATâ„¢ stands for Field Applied Digital Environment Specific Patterns and is a Rapid Deployment Camouflage System which has been in use by specialized customers for almost 18 months.

Developed following a user requirement in January of 2010 by Guy Cramer, FADESPATâ„¢ allows the operator to customize the camouflage for his equipment based on the operating environment. Due to the sensitive nature of the technology, HyoerStealth will only disclose the exact technology to authorized clients. However, Guy Cramer assures us that the process is simple stating, “when you ask someone to do a new task in the field without supervision, the learning curve has to be kept to an absolute minimum.”

Recently, HyperStealth upscaled the technology, making it appropriate for vehicular use as well.

FADESPATâ„¢ is considered a companion product to the GHOSTEX technology instituted as a joint venture with ADS Inc last year. While FADESPATâ„¢ is great for on-the-fly customization of existing clothing and equipment, GHOSTEXâ„¢ relies on a more deliberate process that uses environmental factors to determine the best camouflage pattern for an area of operations. GHOSTEXâ„¢ results in purpose built uniforms printed specifically for the operations. Despite the requirement for printing, it doesn’t seem to slow them down. According to a release from HyperStealth, “Ghostex is currently printing 400-500 yards per month, this capacity will double in September/October and expected to quadruple in 2012 at a second location with more machines. 21 different patterns have been printed on these machines to date. Cramer has developed close to 10,000 patterns under worldwide copyright. Recently the speed of the Ghostex process was confirmed when an urgent request for 480 inches x 62 inches wide of four different camouflage prints on military specification fabric came in at 10 AM and by 2 PM the material was out the door arriving at 8 AM the next business day in Virginia Beach.

Hopefully we will see more of these programs at Warrior Expo East.