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CTT Solutions and Gunterest Announce Women’s Training Classes

Friday, July 15th, 2016

CTT Solutions and Gunterest have partnered up to provide women’s training classes in California and across the country. This marks a first for the gun industry as we establish a curriculum and caliber of training tailored specifically for women shooters.

The gun industry has long identified the female demographic as the most underserved yet fastest growing. Our partnership intends to give women access to the best training on the market in handguns, rifles, and the tactical skills thereto. The aim of the CT-GT partnership is to foster women’s skills, potential, and confidence as owners, shooters, and advocates.

CTT Solutions is owned Mike Pannone, a former operational member of U.S. Marine Reconnaissance, Army Special Forces (Green Beret) and 1st SFOD-D (Delta) as well as a Master Class USPSA competition pistol shooter in 3 different divisions. After the 9/11 attacks, he was the head marksmanship instructor for the Federal Air Marshals and helped stand up their Seattle field office. He also served as and as an independent contractor for SAIC (PSD Iraq), Triple Canopy (PSD Iraq as detail project manager/detail member), and The Wexford Group (Counter IED ground combat advisor Iraq and pre-deployment rifle/pistol/tactics instructor for the Asymmetric Warfare Group). He founded CTT Solutions in 2008 to provide private instruction for law enforcement, military and private citizens.

Mia Wood is the owner of Gunterest and a former Deputy District Attorney with the LA County District Attorney’s Office, assigned to Compton. She also did business litigation in the private sector before opening a private practice for selective clients. She created Gunterest in January 2016 as a blog and resource for other beginning women shooters. It quickly reached a national audience as it struck a chord with women and expanded into a formal company to set up women’s training classes in California and across the country. To date, Ms. Wood helped put together three California women’s handgun classes with Mr. Pannone that drew in students from Austin, Boston, and Oregon.

Gunterest will also develop an online, female-friendly format for women shooters to compare, shop and understand the array of training equipment and firearm options. Its design is a female brand for the female ethos.

The class schedule and descriptions will be released in August 2016 on the websites for Gunterest and CTT.

Please contact Mia Wood at mia@gunterest.net for more information or requests for women’s classes in your area.