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High Tower Armory – RM-25 Magazine for the 10/22

Friday, February 12th, 2016

High Tower Armory has been hard at work developing this windowed polymer magazine for the popular 10/22 rifle. 

HTA has incorporated multiple features including steel feed lips, toolless disassembly, translucent panels and round counters as well as finger assisted loading.  

This is a cool feature.  According to HTA, the window panels are removable and  when they are, and the follower extension pin is installed, the magazine is in finger assisted reload mode.  This allows the user to compress the spring and follower by hand.  It’s optimized for high volume shooting activities where loading the magazine in a conventional manner takes longer and fatigues the loading hand. 

As an introductory offer, SSD readers can take $12 off by using code SoldierSystemsRM25 at check out.

Available in several colors and Made in the USA.