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Ibex To Close Doors In February

Monday, December 4th, 2017

For several months manufacturer of merino wool clothing Ibex, has been in financial trouble. Late last week, in the letter below, they announced they’ll closing their doors early next year.


End Of The Trail

December 1, 2017
Ibex is winding down. More specifically, Ibex is in the process of closing down its current business, and will cease operations as we know them sometime in February. As we sell through our remaining inventory, please understand that all sales are final, and we will not be taking returns or exchanges.

The passion inside the Ibex brand–for our products and for our customers–is very much alive, and we are confident that Ibex will get more time on the trail after we close out this current adventure. It has been an amazing one, and as we sell through our remaining products, we will remember the many great times we have all had together, and will be dreaming of what comes next.

We have always valued our relationships with our partners, fans and customers. We would not have had this epic journey if it weren’t for you. As we look to the end of this adventure, we are filled with gratitude and respect for those we’ve walked with along the way. To the shearers, spinners, knitters and sewers who helped us build our products: thank you. You helped us make great clothing, and we had fun doing it. To all Ibex employees, past and present: you filled this adventure with passion, love, and amazing stories (some of which best left untold). And to our customers: our goal was always to put you first and you rewarded us tenfold. Thank you for all the love and support.

All of us here have loved being a part of Ibex, being a part of a brand that has believed in the power of outdoor recreation, and of being impassioned members of the outdoor industry. It was core to what we did every day, and to what we all believe in.

As a way of honoring our passions, now through February, you have a chance to make a donation to one of two groups that have supported Ibex along the way.

Conservation Alliance
To help fuel and fund the protection and creation of North America’s wild places
Outdoor Industry Association
To help folks find jobs in the amazing outdoor industry
To support its Outdoor Foundation, which focuses on getting kids outside
Those of us left…we continue to take things day by day. We show up to work trying our best to support one another, to take care of our customers, and wholeheartedly try to create the best outcome for the Ibex brand. It’s not the work we had hoped to be doing together, but it’s important, so we push to bring our best.

As always, we thank you for the years of support and for the passion you have for our products and our brand. Please keep an eye out for great promotions on products we made with love, consider donating to the organizations above that have been a part of our world for a long time, and join us in dreaming about some epic next adventures.

We’ll see you down the trail.

Ted Manning, Ibex CEO

So long Ibex, we bid you adieu.