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Trident Concepts Brings Up A Good Point About IWB Holsters

Monday, December 9th, 2013

Trident Concepts frontman Jeff Gonzalez is a great guy and makes some excellent points on his corporate blog. This is one I thought we should share with our readers. I asked Jeff and thankfully he agreed.


We just finished up another great Concealed Carry Tactics class and we saw a lot of inside the waist band holsters that used a “clip” to secure the holster. If you have something that is essential then you are going to want something more secure.

We have seen a fair amount of these holsters slip out during the draw forcing the shooter to strip the holster during the draw stroke. It happens enough times that we take notice of it and try to work to improve their security. If you do run a clip style holster then I strongly suggest you consider practicing a few draw strokes where you purposely set up the holster to slip off your pants forcing you to strip it off. That is the best way to plan for that contingency…actually the best way is to avoid using it altogether, but they are popular.