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The South African Counter Tracking Boot

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

boot 1

While instructing our TÝR Group Combat Tracking Classes I am frequently asked about special footwear that is specifically produced to deceive a tracker or aid in counter tracking. Although there are many ways that a soldier can attempt to deceive a tracker one example I give them are boots that were produced during the South African Border War from 1966 to 1989. To keep from being detected by their enemy, some South African and South West African special operations were issued boots designed to deceive the enemy or villagers who might come in contact with their tracks.

boot 2

These boots were produced with smooth soles so when impressions were made in the soft South African soil the footprint impressions would appear older than what they actually were. However depending on terrain and weather, these boots could either be an advantage or a disadvantage based on the smooth sole, especially in wet or humid environments.

boot 3

By John Hurth, President of TÝR Group LLC and author of “Combat Tracking Guide” published by Stackpole Books.