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Lowa Task Force Boots

Friday, August 15th, 2008

At Outdoor Retailer Lowa Boots revealed to me that they will be bringing the UK-only (up until now) Desert Elite boot to the US market. They have realized for some time that Soldiers are wearing the Desert Seeker in conditions that really call for a heavier boot so they have decided to introduce the Desert Elite here.

Lowa Desert Elite

There was also discussion of importing some of the styles from the MPS line including the Jungle Boot. We asked specifically about the Arctic GTX Mountaineering boot and were told that if there were a solid order for any of the line they would bring it in to the US. Unfortunately, the Biomex technology will not make its way to our shores as there have been issues with noise produced by the ankle supports.

For more information on the MPS range look here and for the entire Task Force line go here. Our favorite place to purchase Lowa boots is AFMO.

Images courtesy of Lowa.