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OR – Day 3

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

OTB Boots
Ok, I have been alluding to the OTB Jungle boot project for awhile but here are the first pics…

OTB Jungle boot
Back to the future. A 21st century take on the venerable jungle boot.

OTB Jungle boot
The laces are a modified sausage style.

The sole design pays homage to the Panama Tread.

OTB Jungle Boot Drain Holes
OTB took an entirely different approach to drain holes.

Carry your Solio charger in style. Solio’s new Tread line of accessories not only looks good but is manufactured from recycled tires.

UK a company well known in the diving world, is releasing a new reinforced hanger intended for wet suits. But it is strong enough for a 175 lbs man to do pull ups from it so it will support body armor. What’s more it has a built in fan.

McNett has a new product currently called Rank Away but this name my change before it reaches market. It is designed to kill bacteria that causes odors and will help with that stinky armor problem.

OTB Footwear Deal of the Week

Monday, August 4th, 2008

OTB Footwear LLC

This is the first in what we hope is a series of special discounts offered to Soldier Systems Blog readers. OTB Footwear LLC is offering a staggering 45 % discount on the SAR and Odhin boots in Green. They currently are sitting on some excess inventory in in Green for those two styles. So for the next five days, until Friday 8 August, 2008 the link purchase these boots at this low price will be active. Please feel free to spread the word.

Below are pictures of the boots on sale.

OTB Boots Odhin

We also wanted to make a special point about OTB’s insoles. They are a two part insole designed to accommodate either regular socks or dry suit booties with one boot. You just add or subtract insole components depending on what you are wearing the boot over. Additionally, unlike many brands that attempt to save money by providing low quality insoles, OTB has engineered a high quality insole with features normally associated with after market brands.

OTB Boots Insole

This offer is available exclusively at this website today through Friday 6 August, 2008. The discount is realized at check out. You must order though this link: http://www.otbboots.com/soldiersystems to receive the discount. Additionally, you can order any of the OTB line but only the Odhin and SAR boots in Green will receive the deep discount of 45%.

Soldier Systems Blog is receiving no compensation for this amazing offer and we are merely spreading the word.

All photos are courtesy of OTB Footwear, LLC.

OTB Sneak Peak

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

OTB Footwear LLC

Not being a company that rests on its laurels, OTB Footwear LLC is at it again. Three new styles will be released this summer.


The Thor TC was designed with feedback from the SOF community. It is available in Camel/Brown/Black as shown or in an all black configuration.

OTB Ferdelance

The Ferdelance is designed for use as a uniform boot for those that prefer the styling and comfort of OTB. It is available in Desert Tan as well as Black.

OTB Bushmaster

The Bushmaster is a rugged, mid height desert boot. It is also available in Desert Tan as well as Black.

Check out their current styles at OTB Boots.