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Bootistan Deliveries Begin

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Deliveries begin this week for the much anticipated Bootistan from OTB Boots. The waterproof Bootistan mountain boot is lined with Sympatex and features a dual density Ortholite footbed covered with Dri-lex. They are currently offered in Desert Tan for use with uniforms as well as Brown with a Black Vibram sole and rubber rand for those who are looking for something a little more discreet.

OTB Bootistan in Desert Tan

OTB Bootistan in Brown and Black

Look for them at or wherever OTB footwear are sold.

New Balance Acquires OTB Boots

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum, or the actually the forum shops. As I was making my way to lunch at Caesar’s Forum shops, someone mentioned that OTB boots had been purchased. I did some checking, and sure enough, last Friday (15 January, 2010) New Balance purchased OTB Boots. This is a really good deal for both companies. It means New Balance can leverage OTB’s tactical expertise and OTB has access to New Balance’s domestic manufacturing capability.

I had no idea that most of New Balance’s footwear is made right here in the USA at their five domestic factories. For the military, they produce the USMC running suit, under layers for PCU, and the 993 PT Fitness Shoe. Naturally, this move means that there will be Berry compliant boots from OTB.

OTB officers, Dan Ellis and Mike Metcalfe will remain in place.

Visit OTB at SHOT Show booth #24065 or on the web at

Pre-SHOT Sale on OTB DesertLite at USCAV

Monday, January 4th, 2010

OTB DesertLiteInspired by the classic GI Jungle Boot, the stain resistant Microfiber Suede upper with breathable nylon panels hearkens back to a time tested design modernized with the latest materials and construction techniques. Mesh ventilation ports are sewn directly into the boot and won’t fall out or corrode. Likewise, the reinforced fabric lace loops aren’t prone to corrosion and the Variable Sausage Laces stay tied.
As with all OTB footwear special attention has been paid to the footbed and sole. The bedrock of the boot is the high traction non squeak outsole and molded EVA midsole unit. Siping on each outsole lug produces a series of thin slits across a rubber surface to improve traction in wet or icy conditions. Additionally, reinforced climbing rubber inside toe helps when scaling walls. A full length composite molded shank provides support for carrying a heavy loads and the dual density cushioned footbed is lined with mesh for increased wicking and foot comfort.

They normally run $159.95 and even USCAV’s price is $129.99 but now you can get the fantastically comfortable DesertLite for $116.99!

Visit USCAV and make sure to use Code: DESLITE10 at check out to take advantage of this discount.

OTB Boots Halloween Sale

Friday, October 30th, 2009

OTB Boots is offering 20% off selected styles and colors. Additionally, the Abyss, Odhin, and SAR are available in Green for only $69.95!

OTB Halloween Sale

Use discount code “BOO” at checkout. Sale ends soon. Visit OTB Boots to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Note: No back orders accepted and this offer may not be used in combination with other specials or discounts.

Redington Introduces the Eco Grip Feltless Wading Boot

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

The Eco Gripâ„¢ is Redington’s first felt-less wading boot designed by Redington and engineered through an exclusive partnership with OTB. OTB developed the lugged and precisely razor-siped Tactical Rubber Technologyâ„¢ to support their military customers and is yet another case of technology developed to support America’s Warfighters finding its way to the civilian market.

Redington Eco Gripâ„¢ Feltless Wading Boot

Rubber-soled wading boots are an evolution in wading gear, since felt soles can be a cesspool for damaging aquatic microorganisms. In addition to helping prevent the Aquatic Hitchhikers (didymo, New Zealand mud snails, zebra mussels, whirling disease and other introduced nuisances) that threaten our waterways, the Eco Grip™ boots have many other notable features. Mesh side panels allow for instant water drainage, and ballistic mesh placed between the outsole and upper prevents small stones and other debris from entering the boot. High-abrasion TPU upper material resists scuffs, far outlasting conventional leather and a DWR finish on the entire boot prevents extreme water absorption, so the boot doesn’t get weighed down as the day progresses.

The Eco Grip Boot features the same foot bed found in OTB’s maritime footwear. In the footbed, the exclusive SFSâ„¢ (SEAL Fit Systemâ„¢) aids in water drainage as well as breathability. OTB’s SEAL footbed has a patented removable shank that allows the user to customize the fit with two different insoles, depending on the application. A thick neoprene insole takes up more room inside the boot for use with a thin sock or when wearing the boot barefoot while wet wading. Replacing the thick insole with the thinner insole gives the wearer additional room inside the boot when using an extra-thick sock or a neoprene bootie.

The Eco Gripâ„¢ boots will be available December 2009 from Redington.

OTB Boots Announces Bootistan

Monday, January 12th, 2009

OTB Boots will unveil their latest creation at SHOT Show; the Bootistan named in honor of the environment it was designed for. The Bootistan is a true mid to heavy weight hiking style boot that from what we have seen so far, is worthy of being in any high end mountaineering store and/or REI. Unlike many militarized hikers, the Bootistan was designed from the ground up for combat. It will easily make the transition to the civilian market. This boot is going to take OTB to the next level.

OTB Bootistan

It features:

-Waterproof Suede and Cordura upper
-Sympatex lined for 100% waterproof construction
-Full rubber rand encompasses the entire boot for rocky environments
-No hooks on the boot allow for jumping
-Looped wool and Ortholite dual density footbed
-Vibram sticky rubber Outsole

Additionally, OTB will have their JungleLite and DesertLite Fall line at the show. They both feature a new proprietary treatment that makes the boot 100% Hydrophobic. Think of it as Nex-Tec for footwear. This means no water will be absorbed by the boots. You can dunk and submerge the JungleLite or DesterLite boots in water, weigh them after submersion and there will be NO weight gain. By the 3Q of 09 all of OTB’s water products (Abyss, SAR, Odhin) will have this treatment.

If you are going to be in Orlando be sure to visit OTB’s Booth number 7986 at SHOT Show.

Outside Magazine Gets It Wrong…Real Wrong

Monday, January 12th, 2009

The February 2009 issue has a pithy little featurette on bogus stuff inspired by the SEALs. While their heart might have been in the right place their facts weren’t.

Take a look at the photo below which shows the article in question. There is no mistaking the OTB Boots Leader model. Granted, the Leader isn’t an issue item in the Teams, but some of the other models are.

Outside Magazine

We are big fans of OTB Boots and I personally jumped a pair of their pre-production prototypes on a water jump of the coast of Florida. While I am not a SEAL, many SEALs do in fact wear OTB footwear. They are the real deal.

Excerpt from the Feb 2009 issue of Outside Magazine.

OTB Jungle Boot Update

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

OTB Footwear LLC

During the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market our fearless Editor filed a report on OTB’s upcoming land warfare boot inspired by the venerable US GI Jungle Boot. We have recently come into some sneak peeks of additional colors.

The as-yet-unnamed boots (do you feel a “name that boot contest” coming on?) will be available in Desert Tan, Black with OD panels, and Black. Additionally, a Black microfiber version will feature a composite safety toe with drainage from the bottom. This boot is perfect for diver’s dress.

OTB Jungle Boot - TanOTB Jungle Boot - GreenOTB Jungle Boot - Black

As you can see, the sole is very similar to the issue Panama tread.

OTB Jungle Boot - Sole

OTB not only makes an innovative product but they add extra features like quality insoles and sausage laces that don’t come untied.

Check out OTB Boots, LLC for their full line of currently available footwear.