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PerSys Medical – Hawke Survival Medical Kits

Sunday, September 14th, 2014

PerSys Medical has partnered up with Mykel Hawke to produce a line of Hawke Survival Medical Kits. Focusing on multitasking and lightweight portability, the kit are designed for camping, traveling, and general outdoors use. The kits come in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

The contents of each are:

Small Medical Kit

Loksak 4.5″x7″ Bag
1x Nasopharyngeal Airway w/ 2.7g of lubricant
1x Petrolatum Gauze 3″x9″
1x Green Triangular Bandage
3x Broadband Forehead Thermometer
3x Surgical Tape Cloth 1/2?x30?
3x Providone Prep Pad
3x Alcohol Prep Pad
3x Adhesive Bandage, Sheer Strips 1″x3″
3x Triple Antibiotic Ointment – .5g Foil Package
3x Gauze Sponge 2″x2″ 8-ply
3x Insect Sting & Bite Pad
3x Cotton Tip Applicator 3?
3x Adhesive Butterfly Bandage 3/8″ x 13/16″
3x Tongue Depressor
1x Blue XL Nitrile Exam Glove, Latex & Powder Free

Medium Medical Kit

Loksak 8″x11″
1x Airway 110mm
1x CPR Shield
1x WoundStop Pro Trauma Dressing 4″
1x H&H Primed Compressed Gauze
1x Swat Tactical Tounriquet, Orange
1x Latex-free Elastic Bandage 3″
1x Paramedic Shears, Black
1x Sharpie® Fine-Point, black
1x Blizzard Light, Silver
5x Povidone Prep Pad
5x Alcohol Prep Pad
5x Adhesive Bandage Sheer Strips 1″x3″
5x Triple Antiobiotic Ointment .5gr Foil Packet
5x Gauze Sponge 2″x2″ 8-ply
5x Insect Sting & Bite Pad

Also included are the entire contents of the Small Medical Kit.

Large Medical KitLarge-Kit-Sealed

Loksak 16″x24″
1x Safety Scalpel #10
1x Duct Tape 1.5″ x 30″
1x SOF Tactical Tounriquet, Orange
1x Actisplint
1x Abdominal Pad 5″x9″
2x Burn Dressings 4″x4″
1x WoundStop Pro+ Trauma Dressing 6″
3x Gauze Sponge 4″x4″ 8-ply
1x Blizzard Light, Orange
1x Nyolon Suture Black Monofilament 4-0 18″
1x Syringe, Leur Lock 5mL
1x Monoject Hypodermic Needle 14g 2″
1x EMI Med Holster Set
1x 10″x13″ 2mil Reclosable Bag
1x Windproof/Waterproof Storm Matches
2x Sterile Water Vial 3mL
1x Soap Deodorant Bar .64oz
1x Facial Tissue Pocket Pack (10 sheets)
1x Iodine Antiseptic
1x Sharps Shuttle
1x Hawke’s Special Forces Survival Handbook

Also included are the entire contents of the Small and Medium Medical Kits.

How To Apply An Israeli Bandage

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

The Israeli bandage has become the most ubiquitous field dressing in IFAKs. However, many carry a well packed kit and do not know what is in it. Additionally, they haven’t trained with the equipment. Our friends at Dark Angel Medical alerted us to this instructional video from PerSysMedical. it provides a great overview.

We want to remind you that this video does not replace proper medical instruction from a qualified instructor. No matter the subject, seek out qualified instructors and practice regularly.