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NTOA Adds The Ryker Grip To Its Member Tested And Recommended Program

Saturday, April 7th, 2018

Ryker Grip

The National Tactical Officers Association has recently added the Ryker Grip to its Member Tested and Recommended Program, which is intended to assist NTOA members in selecting functional products avaiable to the tactical community. Quotes from NTOA members about the Ryker Grip include:

“The [Ryker] Grip is hands down a game changer in the AR/Shotgun manipulation business. It may look a little silly, but it is violently effective. Most drills with the M4 were hostage rescue and the accuracy and quickness between multiple targets was phenomenal.”

“I have deployed my rifle on scene multiple times with the [Ryker] Grip and honestly; I never knew it was there because it just felt right.”

“The grip has an ergonomic feel to it and after several hundred rounds fired, I did notice less fatigue on my support hand and arm allowing for longer time on target and faster target acquisition.”


The Ryker Grip is a unique, side-mounted forward grip for long guns. Designed to be biomechanically optimized, the grip’s offset nature is reported to aid shooters in improving weapon accuracy and stability, as well as target acquisition and recoil management.