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The North Face Doesn’t Want Your Firearms Business Logo On Their Clothing

Thursday, October 5th, 2017

SanMar is well known as a company which offers embroidery and screening of company logos on clothing (including brand name) for uniform and other promotional use. Recently, they announced that they were introducing The North Face brand into their offerings.

Understandably, TNF reserves the right to approve the logos added to their clothing. However, something seemed a bit heavy handed; they completely prohibit the sale of their garments into the firearms/ammunition industry. This document shows their policies.


While we are sure that The North Face isn’t the first company to do this, and won’t be the last, we also want you to know that they aren’t just singling out the firearms industry. They prohibit the sale of their garments for use in tobacco and adult entertainment channels. Full disclosure, we have turned down advertising from the adult entertainment industry because we don’t think it fits our focus.

We also want to be clear that this policy isn’t SanMar’s, but rather The North Face’s, which is owned by parent company VF Corp. Now here’s one for you. VF Imagewear Inc provides uniforms to federal law enforcement, including DHS. How’s that for some irony?

We respect TNF’s right to restrict who they associate with, but we also want you to know their policy, so you can wisely choose how to spend your money.