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Rep Buck McKeon “Why Defense Cuts Don’t Make Sense”

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

In an Op-Ed published in last Friday’s Wall Street Journal Rep Buck McKeon discusses looming cuts to the US Defense budget. You may recall the worst case scenario document prepared for his use by committee staffers which we recently published.

In the piece written for WSJ, he makes the case that DoD has already made a great deal of cuts and that in fielding the professional force we currently have, we take on a moral obligation to provide quality training and equipment for our troops. What he doesn’t come out and say, but hints at, is that deep cuts may well mean the end of the volunteer force. It’s a viable argument and it’s about time that this country had a serious discussion about alternatives. I’ve long felt that the US military no longer resembles the country it defends. Perhaps those that oppose a strong US military would reconsider their position if they thought that they and theirs might have to participate in the process rather than just criticize it. And, the American taxpayer might not feel so bad about the costs associated with the military if the quality of training and equipment was tied directly to the well being of their sons and daughters.

Ironically, the real budget crisis will come next month if the so-called super committee will be unable to agree on equitable spending cuts. The debt ceiling compromise that was reached during this summer’s kabuki theater created a looming situation which will result in $500 Billion in automatic cuts to defense if they cannot work out a deal. Gridlock is now the norm. If you have an opinion one way or another, let your elected representatives know how you feel and why.

Here is a preview of the Op-ed. Ironically, you have to be a subscriber to read the piece written by a US Congressman.

Buck McKeon (R-CA) is the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and a champion of the US service member.