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SOMA – Global Protection Medical Group

Monday, December 16th, 2013

The Mechanical Blood Volumizer is a militarized version of the Extremity Exsanguination Device from Global Protection Medical Group.


Some of you may remember the old MAST Trousers. They had several issues including bulk, complexity, and vulnerability to ambient pressure shifts. The MBV has none of those issues.

Taking less than 30 seconds you can remove 90% of the blood from the lower extremities. Generally, this is accomplished prior to knee or leg surgery. But, they’ve found that it can also be used during shock and cardiac incidents to help improve blood pressure to the core. Additional benefits include that it’s your own blood and the effect is instantaneous.


It is disposable and they have developed versions for the arms. Packaging has been improved over this early version that you see here.


(It’s password protected so contact them for access.)