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DLS Mil-Wraps and SOF Studios Partner to Bridge the Gap Between Customizable Live & Virtual Training & Simulations

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

The accelerated growth of Defense Logistics Support, Inc. fueled by its innovations in military and commercial polymer application technology, caught the eye of Simulations & Training company Special Operations Forces Studios, Ltd. The newly formed strategic partnership between these two organizations will provide the Department of Defense (DoD) with access to turn-key solutions that bridges the gap between live and virtual training.

Spearheading SOF Studios’ Adaptive Training & Simulations Team is its President and Co-Founder, a recently retired member of the US Special Operations Command who brings 17 years of Special Operations expertise, leadership, live-combat, and Combat Development experience to its unique and well-balanced roster.

Supporting SOF Studios’ president are proven leaders with extensive and award winning experience in both “AAA” console and socio-mobile games production, program management of $100m Department of Defense projects, and the delivery of proven Science & Technology analytics, and human performance measures to the DoD.
“Timing could not have been more perfect,” says Trevor J. Kräcker, Director of Operations at DLS, Inc. “our partnership with SOF Studios will assist the Defense Department in a number of ways—one is by providing customizable and sustainable training solutions through games technology on mobile and stationary platforms that the soldier can access seamlessly around world.” “We thank God every day for how He has guided our work and for the honor of providing greater safety and effectiveness to our troops in harm’s way.”