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Lowa Boots – Spy Photos

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

We previously wrote about Lowa Boots at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. What we didn’t talk about was a meeting the Editor sat in on with Lowa USA, discussing the development of the first US market Task Force boots. Previously, all Task Force boots have been designed for the European market and eventually brought here to the US. Based on the highly successful AL-X line, these three new tactical boots will be lightweight yet provide excellent ankle support. Also, both of the mid-height boots feature closed eyelets.

Please remember that these are all prototypes and the styles may change before they reach market. They are tentatively slated for release in Spring 09.

Below is the Desert Mid variant. It is not lined with Gore-tex.

Lowa Task Force AL-X Tactical Desert Mid

This version is a Black Gore-tex lined boot intended for Law Enforcement.

Lowa Task Force AL-X GTX Black Mid

The low top version below will probably not be lined with Gore-tex in order to keep the price point down and because a boot is really better suited to sustained wet weather. It is intended for tactical training such as hand to hand or range time as well as for light duties such as bike patrol.

Lowa Task Force AL-X GTX Black Low

The new Lowa boots will be available from AFMO.