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Annual Team 5 Fundraiser

Thursday, January 25th, 2018


Team 5 Foundation is only SOFMED medical team that deploys to the most overlooked remote areas using SOF doctors, medics and nurses. Every mission is accomplished using only volunteer time and donated equipment and medicine. The foundation is running their annual fundraiser auction online at www.team-5.org.

Combat Flip Flops And OPERATION HAWKEYE Aim To Support Military Families

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

Combat Flip Flops, a veteran-owned small business creating peaceful, forward-thinking opportunities for self-determined entrepreneurs affected by conflict, has announced a partnership with Will Thomas and OPERATION HAWKEYE. Through the agreement, custom Combat Flip Flops shemaghs with the OPERATION HAWKEYE logo will be sold through OPERATION HAWKEYE’s gear shop with ten percent of each sale going directly to Team-5 and THE STATION Foundation.


“OPERATION HAWKEYE is a mission to express through action our gratitude to the Special Operations forces (SOF) community, as well as our commitment to remember the fallen and help those left to carry on. Combat Flip Flops is a vital member of this effort, along with a rapidly growing team of others from all across America. Every purchase of a Combat Flip Flops item with the OPERATION HAWKEYE mark supports the SOF community and funds initiatives to assist the loved ones of fallen SOF warriors, led by our nonprofit mission teammates. I really appreciate Combat Flip Flops’ willingness to stand with me to advance this important cause. Honor. Inform. ACT.,” Will Thomas, OPERATION HAWKEYE.

“Why wouldn’t we support a kid that’s pushing limits, shattering records, and making a ton of noise to help those he doesn’t know. He’s the epitome of a Stokesperson and we’re psyched to have him on the team,” Matthew ‘Griff’ Griffin, CEO, Combat Flip Flops.

To purchase a limited edition Operation Hawkeye shemagh from Combat Flip Flops, please visit www.ophawkeye.com/ohe-gear.