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Tecnica Launches New Footwear In The US And Tactical Users Should Take Note

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

Custom fitting has been available for ski boots for years. Now, Tecnica is bringing their Thermoform system to hiking boots built with an anatomic last Custom Adaptive Shape. Just like it sounds, the boot is heated to make the C.A.S. Components pliable and then the boots are custom molded to the wearer’s feet.

You’re now getting a first look at this new technology.


The first Tecnica product line for the outdoor market is called FORGE. Tecnica guides the development of FORGE and other, future products with three pillars:

A new and unique design approach that combines style with versatility. Our goal is to always ffer the best performing footwear in each category with an extremely versatile and visual appeal. Footwear that progressive outdoor enthusiasts will want to wear beyond their intended use.

A revolutionary 360° t concept that offers great out-of-the box fit with Tecnica’s proprietary C.A.S. Technology, a complete, real time, in store customization solution. “The first shoe shaped for you.”

All Tecnica footwear will do more. A progressive mindset will be used on the design of all our shoes to create products which can be used in a variety of activities, terrain and conditions.

C.A.S. consists of a footbed and upper. The footbed works in concert with the upper’ arch. The upper also features a customizable heal cup and ankle pads.


Additionally, Tecnica abandoned traditional tongue designs to introduce an innovative overlap collar.


Kevlar loops take the place of metal hardware to form the self locking lace design that doesn’t creep while moving.


Finally, the FORGE line features a triple density EVA midsole and Vibram Megagrip outsole.


Offered in Men’s and Women’s versions, there are two styles. Both are lined with Gore-tex, but one has a Nubuck leather face (FORGE) while the other is a high tenacity face fabric (FORGE S).





As you can see, in a edition to a custom fit, Tecnica also offers colors useful for tactical applications.

Due to the technical requirement of properly fitting and customizing the boots, they will initially, only be available at select brick and mortar retailers.

The FORGE line will be available starting February 2018.