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Triggrcon 18 – Tenicor Velo AIWB Holster

Saturday, July 28th, 2018

As soon as I walked into Tenicor’s booth, I noticed that the Velo was different than other Appendix Carry, Inside the Waistband Holsters. Most are minimalist designs but this one had some extra bumps in places holsters don’t usually have bumps.

Turns out, Tenicor put some serious thought into this design. So much so, that they won a Golden Trigger award for innovation in firearm accessories.

Those bumps I mentioned are actually a raised trigger bar at the front and multi-angled muzzle wedge at the rear which combine to rotate the grip up and into the body.

It works. Tap Rack Tactical’s Bill Blowers uses the holster exclusively. Here’s a photo of Tenicor founder Jeff Mau appendix carrying a full size Sig P320.

Granted, it prints a bit, buts also a full sized gun. Compacts disappears as they are rotated toward the curve of the abdomen.

The Velo offers great adjustment options for the three types of attachments.

T1 CLIP | The Tenicor T1 belt clip by Discreet Carry Concepts leverages strength and durability with unique Tenicor designed slots.  This intelligent design feature allows the clip to adjust vertically up to 0.45 inches providing subtle ride height adjustment.  The dual screws provide stability, and the staggered height slots keep the overall length trim.

CLOSED SOFT LOOP | This is the most durable and concealable option.  If you want the holster to stay in place in the most extreme circumstances, then this is the option for you.  The closed loops are extremely low profile to reduce unnecessary bulges.

SNAP LOOP | A convenient full loop option, the snap loops allow the holster to be taken on and off without removing the belt.

The Velo is available for an ever growing list of firearms, so check their site to see if they have your needs covered.


Tenicor – Arx Holster & Fero Mag Pouch

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

Tenicor is a new manufacturer, founded by a Law Enforcement Veteran. Their first two products are the Arx Holster and Fero Mag Pouch.

The Arx holster is an OWB design with integrated wings and belt loops which pull the holster in tight. It also features a retention adjuster screw as well as a mid-ride sweat guard which protects the body. There is a 10 degrees forward cant which rotates the grip of the gun inward and the high ride design keeps the gun from showing below the cover garment but allows for a positive draw. Offered for GLOCK 19/23 or 17/22, right or left handed.

The Fero Mag Pouch faeatures an integrated belt loop and dual retention screws. Offered for GLOCK 9/40 magazines, right or left handed.