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Constellis Holdings Acquires Constellis Group Placing Academi and Triple Canopy Under The Same Management

Saturday, June 7th, 2014

A press release from Constellis Holdings signals major news in the High Threat Security Industry. Academi, the company formerly known as Blackwater and Xe, will join Triple Canopy along with a handful of other high threat security companies under a new management structure named Constellis Holdings. All I can think of is “cats and dogs, living together.”

June 06, 2014

Constellis Holdings, Inc. has agreed to acquire Constellis Group, Inc., a leading provider of security, support and advisory services to government, multinational corporations and international organizations operating in challenging environments around the world. Constellis Holdings was formed by the founders of Triple Canopy and the private equity investors who formed ACADEMI.

The transaction brings together a global team of industry leaders, including: Triple Canopy, Constellis Ltd., Strategic Social, Tidewater Global Services, National Strategic Protective Services, ACADEMI Training Center and International Development Solutions.

Operating under the oversight of a distinguished Board and an experienced management team, the combination of these companies will enable a significant expansion of services within the global security market, delivering mission support, integrated security solutions, training and advisory services at home and abroad.

“This move allows us to create a suite of services to better provide critical support capabilities for government and commercial clients and will utilize ACADEMI’s world-class training facility, the largest and most comprehensive private training center in the U.S.” said Jason DeYonker, Managing Director of Constellis Holdings, Inc.

Constellis Holdings’ Board of Directors includes: Red McCombs (Chairman), former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, former White House Chief Counsel Jack Quinn, Admiral Bobby Inman (Ret.), Russ Robinson, Jason DeYonker, Dean Bosacki and Triple Canopy co-founder Tom Katis.

“This combination of companies shares our core values of integrity and transparency, ensuring our clients of our ongoing dedication to oversight and good governance through our award-winning compliance practices,” said former U.S. Attorney General and current Board member John Ashcroft.

Board member and Triple Canopy founder Tom Katis reinforces, “This combination will provide our customers with the best possible service at the most competitive price. We share a commitment to flawless delivery of mission critical services. We share a bond with our employees, who are mostly decorated veterans who continue to serve their country in the private sector. We share a willingness to do the toughest jobs in support of the efforts to make our world a better place.”

The combined ownership group will employ more than 6,000 of the industry’s most experienced and best-trained employees and will be led by CEO Craig Nixon.


Triple Canopy Forms 100% Employee Owned Company

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

According to the website POC which focuses on Private Military Companies, Triple Canopy announced that “that it has formed a 100 percent employee-owned company by establishing an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).” Impressively, Triple Canopy is a veteran-owned and veteran-run company with more than 80% of their workforce is made up of former military personnel.

“This is an exciting time for Triple Canopy and we are proud to become a majority veteran, employee-owned company,” said Triple Canopy CEO Ignacio Balderas. “Delivering quality services to governments and multinational companies in challenging locations remains the mainstay of our business success.”

Formed in 2003 by SOF Veterans, Triple Canopy has survived the changing international security environment intact. That alone is impressive. One of the reasons I feel is that they have made serious efforts to professionalize the community, working to establish the Code of Conduct for Private Security Contractors.