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Ares Armor

Ares Armor showed me a prototype of their Derma Plate Carrier at today’s ‘Shot heard round the world!’ Event in New Hampshire.


It incorporates several new features including the Ares-Austrialpin buckle we previewed awhile back.


It’s a full cutaway cable release design. Look for the Derma and its unique elastic cummerbund late 2nd Qtr.


While I was checking out the Derma I noticed Jon’s cool-guy jeans.


The Tacticasual trousers integrate padded knees as well as two 30 round mag pouches in the left thigh.


The magazines pop right up thanks to their mag elevator feature. No word on when these might be available.



17 Responses to “Ares Armor”

  1. Kaoskydexsolutions says:

    That’s a good looking plate carrier, with some excellent features…..I’m definitely looking forward to this. It’s also nice to see the Murdock woven ATACs webbing in use.

    • J to the T says:

      That’s printed webbing not woven.

      • JonZ says:

        That’s Murdock woven jacquard webbing …. Infact that is some of the very first off thier sample loom that I got Just befor SHOT show….. A few back to back 90 hour weeks I’m still recovering from.

        But big thanks to Ray and Stephan from Murdock for letting Ares Armor be the first to receive A-Tacs AU and FG jacquard webbing.

  2. TCBA_Joe says:

    What’s this ‘Shot heard round the world!’ in NH?

  3. Zak says:

    I feel ashamed to say it, but those are some bad ass jean cargo pants.

  4. Bob says:

    What’s so bad about a Velcro cumberbun?

  5. reader says:

    u should make a review on the jeans

  6. Response to vest says:

    I like the plate carriers features except for that overly intricate fast release system. Im sure they could have come up with a more elegant fast release system. One of those 550 cords snap for any reason, thing is a jib. Not to mention those cobra buckles can hold up to 7kn, but it doesn’t prevent your rig from bouncing anytime you make a move.
    Looks cool though!

  7. JonZ says:

    The term is tacticasual jeans

  8. Brian says:

    Do you know the plates that were in there? They were the amazingly light.

  9. JonZ says:

    DKX. That was front back and side sapies. Before we flew out a friend came by the sew shop with his slick carrier with just front and back E-sapis and it was almost twice the weight. I’m not sure about green tip but the sample plates DKX had at shot show had 12 rounds of 556 ball on one plate and 12 rounds of 762×39 on another with no penetration…. And they float. Only draw back is they are a little thicker but I have it from a reliably source that they will be coming out with a thiner model.

  10. Jason says:

    Lookin forward to seeing their new products. I like their plate carrier silencers but am wondering how much the Austrialpins will improve on that solution.

  11. james says:

    I am confused at what the fancy alum. bar and alps buckle provide… looks expenssive and does not look very user friendly… perhaps in person it is easier? or atleast that is what one would hope… otherwise sort of cool.