TacHacker – Visit For Your Chance To Win A Free 80% Lower

In case you couldn’t tell by the name Poly80 is a new company that specializes in 80% lower receivers which have recently gained in popularity as a DIY project. As of this writing they are not considered firearms until completed and you can finish them for your own use without registering them with the ATF as a manufacturer. You also need to be able to legally possess that particular type of firearms (local laws obviously apply). Nether we nor Poly80 are lawyers but they do offer some background on this issue that will help you with your own research.

The receivers are offered in Black, Sand, Green and Pink and can be completed with simple tools such as Dremel tools and drills. Unlike the aluminum versions, these polymer lowers can be completed without the use of jigs to align the drill.


To mark their launch, Poly80 is offering the chance to win one of five 80% lowers that they are giving away. See their site for details.

And this, well this is pretty funny.

Enter for your chance to win one of five free 80% lower receivers.


23 Responses to “TacHacker – Visit For Your Chance To Win A Free 80% Lower”

  1. Stefan S. says:

    LoL! Obama and Waxman gonna shit when they see this!

  2. Ash says:

    “And furthermore, one of the fundamental principles we have in America is that the president is the commander in chief of the armed forces and attempts to undermine the commander in chief during time of war amounts to treason.”
    —Pat Robertson, 12/07/05

    Good enough for Bush, good enough for Ob… Oh, wait, forgot people change philosophies like we change channels.

    • super six-four says:

      nobody will admit it, but its because hes black.

      • SSD says:

        For those of you that know me and my family, you are fully aware of our racial background. I don’t dislike President Obama because his father was African. I don’t consider him a Black American by any means. As he grew up, he either lived overseas, or with his white, upper middle class grandparents. He has more in common with me than my Black wife. He knows nothing of the “struggle” and only adopted the mantle of a African American as a political opportunity while attending college.

        I dislike his lack of meaningful experience going into the office of President and his administration’s disregard for our fundamental civil rights laid out in the Bill of Rights. I don’t think he is the worst President ever but I am certainly unimpressed with his performance.

        Sure, some people look at President Obama’s skin color and hate him. But those are the same people who hate me and my family. Not all of us who are less than enthused about Barrack Obama are racists.

        • Bill says:

          Your statement is probably thee most well laid out and meaningful way I have ever heard it put. While I do agree with what you said, I am more impressed on how you said it. I know you don’t need my approval, I just had to say it because I have heard praises or denouncements of our CiC with little to no explanation on why, rather an exercise in ignorance in both camps. “He sucks” or a “He’s great” is not a reason.

        • chris says:

          Very well said. Sadly though, I think some people can’t past the skin color and see the insides, and I think that’s true for many of his supporters as well as his detractors.

        • super six-four says:

          Eloquent response. I stand corrected, and I’ll show my self out

        • Sal says:

          Just out of curiousity, what makes Obama’s NSA activities so different from Bush’s? No offense, but a lot of people I see criticizing PRISM, XKeyscore, etc had no problem with Bush’s surveillance programs.

          • SSD says:

            I can’t answer that for you. I didn’t think the intrusion was a good idea then either.

  3. CJ (the conservative one) says:

    Really? Pat Robertson is hardly a credible conservative spokesperson.

  4. rc says:

    Apparently what happened at the Missouri State Fair and the lifetime ban of the Rodeo Clown that wore a very similar mask means nothing to this and Soldier Systems.

    POTUS, regardless of his beliefs is still CinC and the top of all military chains of command.

    Embarrassed by my own community.

    • SSD says:

      I don’t like anyone to use disparaging remarks towards the office of the President. However, perhaps some people don’t understand the concept of lampooning. Maybe it would just be better for all involved that masks which depict the likeness of a President’s face and the act of playing a President should be outlawed altogether? That way no one would ever get the wrong idea?

    • RV says:

      So if he is CinC, what happens if im not in the military? he is just an elected official?

  5. bobX says:

    Or we could talk about the lowers…

  6. Big_Juju says:

    So – the advantage here is no serial number? A stripped polymer lower is $70 at the nearby gun store. This stripped 80% is $100.

    • SSD says:

      Some might see that as an advantage and others will be attracted to the idea of finishing it themselves.

  7. bobX says:

    And mine is shipped. Though I can’t see what the advantage of this is. [eyes roll]

  8. Chuck says:

    We don’t have kings in the United States. Thus we are free to mock our elected officials, up to and especially the President. Mockery of the President is probably the ultimate expression of our freedom. In many countries the act alone would get you thrown in prison or worse.

    While it’s one thing to do it in an official capacity as a member of the uniformed military, it’s quite another for a civilian or, for that matter a military member under the cloak of anonymity. I’m guessing those who object to mockery of the current resident of the White House had no problem with the incessant mockery of his predecessor. And, no, I’m not a GWB fan, either.

    What I am, is a fan of liberty.

  9. JOE says:

    “We don’t have kings in the United States. Thus we are free to mock our elected officials..” This!!! +1,000. But seriously whats better about these than the EPLowers with kevlar infused polymer?