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The Safariland Group Adds Innovative Sons Trauma Kit to its Life-Saving Offerings

When we walked into the Safariland booth at SHOT Show, I was really surprised to see Phokus Research Group set up right in the middle. And, they were being bombarded by potential customers. The SONS Trauma Kit is a perfect pairing with a plate carrier and Safariland offers several.


ONTARIO, California – The Safariland Group announces today an agreement with Phokus Research Group to distribute the innovative Sons Trauma Kit to its public safety customers. These kits feature a low-profile, flat design at only one-half inch thick and about one-half pound in weight, and offers quick accessibility for life-saving first responder treatment. They are extremely durable and uniquely carried comfortably and securely behind the operator’s ballistic trauma plate or under concealable armor and easily removed when needed. The Sons Trauma Kit is offered in two standard sizes with a total of five varieties to offer kits for various missions or team preferences.

“The SONS Trauma Kit is a perfect complement to our body armor solutions,” said Todd Mackler, Vice President of Body Armor for The Safariland Group. “This innovative kit frees up valuable duty space for operators while providing essential life-saving tools. This product is a true innovation that changes the playing field in terms of carrying first responder life-saving trauma kits, as this product is not merely carried, but it is “worn” as an extension of the user’s ballistic vest.”

Packed in heavy-duty medical-grade vinyl and machine pressure sealed with RF-welded seams, it creates weatherproof protection for the critical medical supplies inside. The Sons Trauma Kits follow all Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) Guidelines and Protocols and feature high-quality, combat-proven components. The contents are packed around injury patterns in order of priority for care and the patent-pending design includes a pull?tab and rip?cord for quick deployment. These highly durable trauma kits are immediately accessible, allowing for fast treatment when seconds count. All kits are designed to last 24-30 months. The Sons Trauma Kit has been proven in Afghanistan and Iraq for four years and now this product is available for tactical teams and law enforcement patrol officers.

The First Responder Trauma Kit is 9” x 12”, less than one-inch thick and weighs approximately one-half pound. This version is ideal for tactical teams to wear in their vest plate pocket behind the operator’s ballistic plate. The First Responder Low-Visibility Trauma Kit is 6” x 9”, less than one-inch thick and weighs approximately one-half pound. This version is ideal for patrol officers to insert into the soft trauma plate pocket of their concealable vest, store in a glove compartment, insert into a cargo pants pocket, or keep in a gear bag.

The Sons Trauma Kits will be available at dealers and distributors of the Safariland Group in February. MSRPs are as follows.

Model Description MSRP
FRTK-1 First Responder basic kit 55.00
FRTK-2 First Responder with Occlusive 100.00
FRTK-3 First Responder w/Clotting Gauze & Occlusive 140.00
LVFR-1 Low Visibility First Responder 55.00
LVFR-2 Low Visibility First Responder w/Clotting Gauze 110.00

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2 Responses to “The Safariland Group Adds Innovative Sons Trauma Kit to its Life-Saving Offerings”

  1. MATBOCK_CEO says:

    AWESOME NEWS – Congrats to Rob and the rest of Phokus Research Group!

  2. Matt says:

    Now to see if Safariland will acquire somebody to design good PC’s for LE.