London Met – SIG MCX

The London Metropolitan Police recently adopted the SIG SAUER MCX in 5.56mm.  The configuration the chose was on display in the Edgar Brothers booth and we got a photo.  As we understand it, the G36s in service will remain but will eventually be pushed to other LE organizations.  Interest in the .300 variant of the MCX grows but the caliber must still be certified for LE use in the UK.  

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10 Responses to “London Met – SIG MCX”

  1. Texas-Roll-Over says:

    Awesome, good to hear the gun is launching and gaining some acceptance.

  2. I spot a BCM stubby vert grip and an Aimpoint Micro T-2

    Nice !!!

  3. FormerActionGuy says:

    Hey London how is that no guns for civilain turning out? LMFAO.

    • Bobby Davro says:

      Same as when Americans where supplying the IRA with guns ???? There will always be illegal firearms but we just have less of them 😉

  4. Bill says:

    I *think*, but could very well be wrong, that the armed response vehicles have vaults for their long (or longish) guns; With the variety of stocks for the MCX and differing configurations, I wonder if it can be crammed into an AR locking mount in an American patrol car.

  5. Bobby Davro says:

    Oh and just 1 more point Northern Ireland has more gun crime than England, Scotland and Wales combined where did your guns go?????

  6. John says:


    Have you had more time on the MCX and has your opinion changed any?

  7. PaulH says:

    What barrel length is that?

  8. John says: