Vertx Announces Expansion to the RECON Line of Uniforms

Vertx®, a premier tactical and outdoor brand of apparel and gear, is pleased to announce the release of new solid colors to the RECON line of uniforms. The RECON line consists of 3 elements- the RECON Garrison Shirt, the RECON Combat Shirt and the RECON Pants. The full line was initially launched in MultiCam®, however, it will now include solid colors- OD Green, Navy and Black. Specifically, the RECON Garrison Shirt will now be available in Black, Navy and OD Green. The RECON Combat Shirt will be available in Black, Smoke Grey, Navy, OD Green, and Desert Tan. The RECON Pants will be available in Black, Navy and OD Green.

“We’ve seen great success and reception in the market with our RECON uniform in MultiCam® in regards to its functionality and price point,” says Darrell Morrow, Vice President of Vertx. “With that said, a number of agencies and units expressed their desire to have the uniform offered in their standard colors. This provided the necessary catalyst to investigate which colors were most requested and from that research we ended up with the mix that we are now launching. We feel that the uniform fulfills a need in most agencies and units to have a robust, functional uniform at a feasible price.”

Sought after by America’s Top Federal Elite, the Vertx RECON Uniform in solid colors offers the ultimate in storage and mobility in a 65/35 PolyCotton Ripstop construction. The RECON uniform offers more storage ability, with higher quality construction, at an affordable price versus other leading competitors. In addition, with the exclusive benefit of 37.5TM Active Particle Technology in the RECON Combat Shirt, this is the only uniform available on the market today to help you conserve energy and sweat less, while staying 5X drier than other performance fabrics.

The RECON Garrison Shirt offers maximum storage ability in a traditional-style field shirt. Paired with the RECON pants, the RECON Garrison Shirt is 65/35 PolyCotton Ripstop for reinforced durability, with and without additional gear. The Garrison Shirt offers multiple pocket configurations for carrying and easily accessing needed essentials. The Garrison Shirt has an MSRP of $169.95.

With Over 12 pockets, the RECON Pants offer maximum storage ability for units who need to balance loading and packing with the ability to remain mobile and functional. Its 65/35 PolyCotton Ripstop design provides reinforced durability for even the toughest missions. The RECON Pants have an MSRP of $169.95.

The RECON Combat Shirt provides high-performance design features and durability in the field. Double-reinforced elbows and ripstop weave fabric hold up to crawling, shooting and climbing while unique camouflage designs blend into multiple environments. The RECON Combat Shirt has an MSRP of $124.95.

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12 Responses to “Vertx Announces Expansion to the RECON Line of Uniforms”

  1. Roy says:

    Their products are listed as polyester cotton blend as opposed to nylon cotton blends. Can anyone comment on the price difference and practical differences between the fabrics?

    • D.B. says:

      The differences are many. Ranging from thickness/weight, durability, color fastness and hand-feel. PolyCo simply can’t compare with NyCo.

      Uniform pieces made in cheaper 65/35 PolyCo should cost a lot less than existing Multicam recon uniform made of genuine Cordura 50/50 Mil-spec Ripstop NYCO.

  2. D.B. says:

    Shame these aren’t available in NyCo.

    If Vertx product manager or staff is listening or viewing this thread, take notice please.

  3. babola says:

    Oh not again, a chipola Battle Rip polyester ripstop strikes again.

    The king of Airsoft apparel, aka ‘Chinese Ripstop’.

    Any chance we can see these in cotton ripstop or twill or NyCo like existing Vertx Recon uniform?

    I love solid colors but won’t be getting it in polyester ladden canvas-like cloth, sorry.

  4. Dan says:

    I think you guys are missing the point on these. Have you ever worn 50/50 crye multicams in the jungle? If you haven’t, I’ll tell you know it is horrendous!

    Whilst Patagonia has a full set of radical poly jungle cams, they are pretty light on in the durability department. So it would appear Vertx has tried to achieve a happy medium here with these.

    Let me say again


    So if you want these in Nyco, maybe look for a different uniform, you know like the Nyco one they also sell.

    • D.B. says:

      I actually own pair of Vertx pants in 65/35 Poly-Cotton so I’m not speculating here. And I own their Original Tactical pants in Multicam NyCo. They are night and day.

      Vertx Original Tac pants use the same cloth as my Crye G3s so I know what to expect, they’re fantastic and perform great in rain and dry forests.

      65/35 polycotton do not, they are rigid, feel like canvas and after 3 washes have pretty much all but completely faded. Not to mention how the material ‘floats
      around your legs making you feel like wearing a rigid skirt.

      Basically NyCo vas PolyCo – all things considered – there’s no contest. Hands down.

    • SSD says:

      Interestingly enough, 50/50 NYCO was introduced in the early 90s to replace the 100% ripstop cotton of the Hot Weather BDU to increase durability.

  5. BS says:

    Guys, long time ago I thought that all polycotton is piece of crap. But since I am more into industry, I know that there are different polyesters and different cottons and the quality is sometimes way different. Check some of you high-end outdoor stuff, it says polyester on them.

    • D.B. says:

      Sure, but outdoor industry follows different apparel requirements. Battle dress and combat uniform in polyester dominant or even nylon dominant material is a no go for many reasons. Garments made from synthetics are usually thinner which get very cold when wet, much colder than materials using cotton in the mix. They also get hot much faster in tropical environments, under direct sun you will be simmering. I have couple of those hiking pants from Patagonia and wear them outdoor, no problem.

      As for the polyester mixes used for uniforms, I would agree with you that there are different polycottons – after over 2 decades of experience with these I kept the ones in 60/40 Cotton/Poly, both in Ripstop and twill. I own two pants from Helikon (SFU and SFU-Next) which came in 60/40 CoPoly ripstop and they are actually not bad in dry and warm conditions. I also have original US Army issue cold weather woodland BDUs in 60/40 CoPoly twill, again great in dry winter months. But that’s where I draw a line personally when it comes to uniform pieces with polyester in them.

  6. Strike-Hold says:

    People get hung up on the types and percentages of fibers used (cotton, nylon, polyester); but the weight, weave and texture / feel of the fabric matters just as much if not more so.

    Standard US mil-spec 50/50 nylon-cotton weighs 6.5 ounces per square yard – that’s considered a good ‘middle-of-the-road’ weight to get good protection, durability and comfort in a wide range of climate conditions. This is what Army-issue ACUs are made from, its the standard MultiCam uniform fabric used and sold, and its also what Hyde Definition and MMI Textiles use for the PenCott patterns too.

    Going with lighter weight fabrics, or one’s with a more open weave, will give you more ‘comfort’ at higher temp’s and humidity, but you will start to lose robustness and durability as you get lighter and lighter.

    Interestingly though, INVISTA have recently brought out some lighterweight NyCo ripstop fabrics that use a stronger nylon that is supposed to circumvent the issues of durability and robustness.

    The other advantage that nylon has over polyester is the ‘no melt, no drip’ feature….