Protonex Delivers Panther Power

USSOCOM has begun to field the Panther2 man-packable satellite communications system from L3 GCS with certain USASOC units to replace the existing Panther Gen5 systems. The Panther 2 system is being fielded with USASOC units in all capacities (contingency, combat, JCET, PDP, and other military operations).


A need was identified to power the Panther2 SOF Deployable Node (SDN) system from organic Conformal Wearable Batteries – rather than AC power of BB-2590 batteries. As the SPM-622 Squad Power Manager from Protonex has been proving its value as a universal power scavenger / manager in the field with SOCOM elements, it seemed an ideal basis from upon to address the problem.

A call was made to Protonex and an R&D contract was signed. Within approximately 90 days from start to finish, the operational power requirements were addressed, and hardware was developed to successfully power the system from 2 CWBs in series. The photo below shows the complete system in use at an end-user location.

To learn more about what the PTX line of power management solutions can help you never run out of power when you need it, drop by to talk to the Protonex team at SOFIC – booth #2232.


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