SIG Sauer P365

Sneak Peek – Dyneema Tegris Kit System “Ripper” by Honorpoint USA

Manufactured from Tegris and Dyneema fabric, the DTKS Ripper plate carrier weighs less than a pound without plates.

The carrier is assembled via a combination of sewing and rivets, which are discernible in the photos. Plates are inserted from the top.

In addition to PALS compatible 30 round ammo pouches, there is also a pouch for the AN/PRC-152 radio. Despite incorporating a bungee system, the construction of the pouch provides magazine retention.


A carrier made solely from Dyneema fabric as well as a chest rig have also been developed.

Coming soon, but interested Units and Agencies should contact Honorpoint now.


28 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Dyneema Tegris Kit System “Ripper” by Honorpoint USA”

  1. Joe says:

    I’ve been reading a lot about Dyneema. Very, very cool stuff. I can’t wait for more gear to incorporate into designs.

  2. Benny says:

    I wonder who came first… Spearpoint or Honopoint? Very similar logos.

    Nice mag pouch design. Bungees break. At least the mag won’t jettison itself with this model.

  3. robcollins says:

    As with anything, how things are made and what is made with it really matters. I’ve used spectracord for hanging bear bags, it will actually saw through branches instead of fraying. Tent material, I’m not crazy about, sparks burn right through, and it’s expensive for that, but, it’s very water resistant.

    For this application, it should be tough and (obviously) light, as long as it’s not drawn too thin…

  4. jack says:

    What am I missing in the last picture with what appears to be a kryptek liner? Is the pouch inside out?

  5. Lone Element says:

    Plate Frame Much?

    • mike says:

      Similar concept, but made with entirely different materials. This is not hard plastic and cuts the weight to less then a pound.

      • cat blaster says:

        the tegris is hard plastic, not for the life of me could i ever understand why you would want that cummerbund part to be made of plastic.

        • snake says:

          Tegris is polymer (Plastic) laminate, that is 80% the strength of carbon fiber at 50% less thickness. Strong shit and no glass like many fibers. So depending on the amount of layers that are added or decrease… gives it its stiffness or flexibility depending on the layers. The Ripper system has unique elastic system built into the replaceable cummerbund for comfort and flexibility.

    • SSD says:

      This isn’t a plate frame. It uses fabric and plate pockets.

  6. Chickadeepower says:

    It’s call “honor point” not honopoint.

  7. Joey Johnson says:

    Does it accept side platesthe same way as the front and back plates are inserted? Do you need a special “pouch” to hold the? If the plates are dropped in from the top do they ride lower, and can you adjust where the plates ride? Finally, how does this carrier accept plate backers, or must one purchess level IV plates?

  8. james says:

    This looks to be very well thought out… innovative use of materials…minimalist, yes but there where it needs to be…nice work guys.

  9. Stefan S. says:

    Very interesting.

  10. Corbs says:

    In case anyone was wondering where they’ve seen Tegris before lately, it’s used for the back panel of the current Arc’teryx Bora packs

    • cat blaster says:

      strange choice to use a berry product, I bet they could use curve and save 50% in material cost and its a better product, if they didnt have to make it berry.

  11. Luke says:

    I’m curious where the dyneema is, the fabric appears to be HANK or Hypalon, and you can’t dye dyneema so we can assume it is not the coyote or foliage materials, is it a hypalon like coating on a dyneema scrim?

    • SSD says:

      Actually, they’ve been solution dyeing Dyneema for some time.

      • Luke says:

        interesting, I’ve been through DSMs sample books a few times and all I saw was white and black, anything with color was coated or laminated. Must have the wrong sample books. Is it just hideously expensive, or why aren’t colors more common?

  12. Lasse says:

    My info echos Lukes. Are you sure about that SSD?

  13. cat blaster says:

    dyneema and spectra both = UHMWPE
    the difference is the diameter of the filament and the treatment process for bonding.
    Both honeywell and dsm have different patents on these products.
    I am very certain the material you see here is not the dyneema, that’s on the inside, this is a laminate with most likely a 330d or 500d as the face fabric, then its ir compliant and durable.
    You could get the UHMW filiment in different colors but you would prolly have to order 500kg of yarn. ha. They do make it in black.

    • Luke says:

      My money is on dyneema scrim with a hypalon-like coating. looking at the pictures there is no discernible weave, just a bit of texture.

      • cat blaster says:

        I think your estimation is wrong. Dsm does not offer a stock hypalon(tpu) type surface. that would defeat the idea of this laminate, coat a lightweight strong material with a heavy one? It’s a cordura, just cause you can’t see it in the shitty pics means nothing. shot show will tell the tale.