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Rockwell Tactical Group Tactical Trauma Care Course Now Approved for Pennsylvania EMS Eight Clinical Patient Care Hours

Approval Cements RTG as the State’s Premiere Tactical Medical Training Company

Hershey, PAApril 30, 2018 – Rockwell Tactical Group (RTG) is proud to announce its Tactical Trauma Care course is now approved for clinical patient care hours by the Pennsylvania Department of Health Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (EMS). RTG, Pennsylvania’s top training group, is recognized nationwide for its principle-based firearms training capabilities and instructor knowledge and experience.

“We’re truly honored by the trust the State has put in Rockwell Tactical to best prepare its law enforcement officers for duty,” said Jared Ross, owner, Rockwell Tactical Group. “All of our instructors are veteran or active duty military and law enforcement officers. We provide the same level of expert training that we learned from and used while operating and training in the US and around the world.”

The RTG Tactical Trauma Care course was created by a Special Operations Combat Medic and a former Greenside Navy Corpsman, now New York City Paramedic. The course will teach basic trauma management using the MARCH Protocol, different than standard EMS. The course is hands-on and concludes by giving each student a practical exercise. The course will cover management of the following topics in a tactical setting:

•             Massive bleeding
•             Airway
•             Respiration
•             Circulation
•             Hypothermia
•             Patient stabilization

There are two upcoming Tactical Trauma Care courses (course number 1000000404).

Dates and locations:

Friday, May 18 at Tripwire Operations Group. 1685 Baltimore Pike, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325. For more information and to register, EMS providers can go to

Saturday, June 23 at F3 Tactical. 14231 Willard Road #300, Chantilly, Virginia 20151. For more information and to register, EMS providers can visit the RTG Training Schedule.

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