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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Mexican Marines Adopt Protactic Vest System with FirstSpear Technology


Fenton, MO – FirstSpear Technology Group and Protactic have announced a joint development combining Protactic’s advanced materials and signature management solutions with the latest FirstSpear Technologies to create a system built from the ground up to support the demanding and unique requirements of the Mexican Marines.


The design incorporates a 6/12™ laser cut platform for less breakup of camouflage pattern and tighter pocket attachment with less movement than traditional MOLLE. Rapid-Release Tubes™ Technology on the shoulders and cummerbund provide the most secure and quickest way to don or doff a plate carrier. Tubes also ensure more consistent placement of ballistic components and does not wear out like traditional hook/loop vests.


By using these two technologies together there is a significant reduction in weight and bulk helping to reduce fatigue and minimize the silhouette of the end user. The hydration carrier leverages Tubes to quickly secure to the vest for improved range of motion and rapid individual access to the pack itself.


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7 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – Mexican Marines Adopt Protactic Vest System with FirstSpear Technology”

  1. Lasse says:

    Between the carrier and pattern, Mexican Marines win the fashion show.

  2. Hodge175 says:

    Get those boys some CCO’s

  3. John says:

    The camouflage pattern was intended for the U.S. Army. It was Hyperstealth’s submission called US4CES and was in the running in the U.S. Army’s last camouflage trials. In some tests, it performed better than MultiCam.

    When the U.S. Army went with Scorpion W2, the Mexican Marines licensed the pattern from Hyperstealth. Hyperstealth’s website has a *TON* of information on it including many photo comparisons and test results. It is good stuff.

    • benb says:

      Interesting that hyperstealth’s website does not show it any more and when you click US4CES it says no longer available. Looks like a great pattern.

      • Steven S says:

        When the Mexican government bought the rights to the US4CES-Transitional pattern. They wanted to prevent unauthorized individuals from wearing it and it’s variants. So as a result, Cramer no longer sells US4CES-Bravo or Charlie variants to the public.

  4. tsh77769 says:

    Dang it!! Now the cartels will end up with nicer stuff than our guys!!

  5. Luke says:

    yup, better then what our Marines are going to get.