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The Armored Group, LLC Introduces its Newest Vehicle, the Terrier Armored Personnel Carrier

New Terrier APC features the highest level of personnel protection and unparalleled mobility in any climate or setting

(Phoenix, AZ – (December 5, 2018) The Armored Group, LLC (TAG), a leading worldwide provider of armored vehicles, has just introduced its newest law enforcement vehicle, the Terrier APC. The Terrier APC developed by the TAG Research and Development Team, offers a large payload capacity for its size as well as the highest level of protection for a vehicle in its class and price range with STANAG II applique option. The vehicle will be used by military, police, SWAT, regional response teams and non-governmental organizations.

The Terrier APC holds up to eight officers (2+6 in individual MIL-STD seats); the optional bench seat can accommodate up to ten officers (2+8) depending on the size of operators and amount of gear. The vehicle was designed with the end-users in mind; to protect those who are in dangerous operational environments.

Terrier APC Features:

Some of the key features of the Terrier APC model include:

Full Protection against Kinetic Energy Weapons conforming to STANAG 4569 Level 1
Heavy Duty Suspension & Axles
Upgraded Tires & Brakes (for better off-road capability)
Category-Leading Ground Clearance
UK Military Grade Locks & Heavy-Duty Hinges
Conveniently Placed High Visibility Gun Ports
3 Doors and Roof Escape Hatch
Crew Cab or 5 Door Option
5100kg Curb Weight (Standard Protection); 1000kg Payload; 6100kg Combat Weight
Modern LED Headlights & Standard Military Convoy Lights
5-Speed Manual Transmission
Diesel 195 HP High Sulfur 1VD-FTV Toyota 4.5L V8
NATO Standard Slave Starting System
TAG Exclusive Flip Forward Armored Front Clip System
Hydraulically Assisted Recirculating Ball Steering
Rear HVAC System as standard
Auxiliary service battery with smart isolator switch and battery monitor
Optional Equipment Includes:

Additional parking AC powered by external 120 / 220VAC while the engine is off
Public address system
Acoustic deterring LRAD system
Alternator upgrade
Blast attenuating seats
Interior weapon mounts
VHF/UHF communication system; MF/HF communications system
GSM-based live video monitoring system
Tracking system (depends on deployment region)
Smoke grenade launchers
Multiple launch systems for smoke grenades
Roof turret with a ring bearing and split hatch
Remote controlled weapon station
Gunshot detection system
Remote controlled searchlights
Forward-looking thermal camera
Reverse day/night camera
Perimeter day/night cameras
Outboard telescopic mast
IR driving and convoy lights
Overpressure air filtration system
Semi-automatic tire inflation system
Ballistic protection upgrade to STANAG 4569 Level 2
Fire suppression systems
Power inverters
Ballistic skip round shields
Emergency lighting systems
Interior compartment additional cooling fans
Computer workstations
Rescue medic/trauma pack with backboard/litter
Terrier APC:

The Terrier APC is built using a reinforced/militarized Toyota VDJ79 truck chassis, and COTS components. The vehicle can be built to B6, NIJ-III or STANAG 4569 Level 1 ballistic protection standards and is powered by a 195 HP high sulfur 1VD-FTV Toyota 4.5L V8 diesel and readily available in LHD and RHD configurations. Using upgraded axles, clutch and a reinforced frame as well as oversized super single wheels, the vehicle offers excellent mobility and a high payload capacity making it a superior choice in a variety of dangerous scenarios.

“The new Terrier APC offers the highest level of protection in combat and fire support situations and in mission-specific transport and logistics roles. The Terrier APC is an extremely versatile vehicle with numerous optional upgrades, so agencies requiring the vehicle can customize it to truly meet their individual needs,” said Robert Pazderka, President and Founder of TAG. “Because of its availability and price, it is a smart, effective option for agencies that need to keep their teams safe and secure in dangerous situations.”

For more information, please visit www.armoredcars.com

4 Responses to “The Armored Group, LLC Introduces its Newest Vehicle, the Terrier Armored Personnel Carrier”

  1. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    That doesn’t seem to be a very large or powerful motor to haul 10 plus gear and armor. The days of slow military vehicles is dead

    • Nick says:

      It says 6100 kg (13450 lbs) combat weight in STANAG 1 configuration. 195/6100=32 hp/ton. Or 35 hp/ton in B6 configuration. Check some other 4×4 armored vehicles and compare.

  2. JB says:

    20 ton truck powered by a corola motor. Smart.

    Can’t they beef up the motors? Cummins are common and reliable. It’s not going to change the price point much.

  3. Nick says:

    It says 6100 kg (13450 lbs) combat (gross) weight, powered by 4.5L V8 diesel. Not sure about 20 ton and Corolla motor remark. Re-motoring means re-transmissioning, re-ECMing, re-harnessing etc. Add 100% to the price. Still better, compare Cummins ISF range and 1VD-FTV first.