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Badger Ordnance Introduces the Condition One Modular Mount

Badger Ordnance is proud to announce their new Condition One Modular Mount (C.O.M.M.).

The C1 Modular Mount is Badger Ordnance’s answer to a growing demand for modularity in optical platform mounting. The C1 Modular Mount offers the end user four accessory mounting points on the Unimount body both left, right, fore, and aft to suit a wide range of shooter’s needs. With the ever-expanding options available to shooters in the accessory and electro-optic markets, Badger Ordnance saw the need for a mount that can make the most use of precious real estate on rifle platforms while acting as a centralized hub for attachments and not suffering from deflection seen on optics and lasers attached to handguards.

For 2019 Badger Ordnance has also introduced new mount heights to their lineup. The C1 Modular Mount is available in a 1.93” tall height for shooters who prefer a more heads up shooting position or to allow for clearance of lasers and attachments. The 1.93” tall mount also helps to aid in shooting passively through optics while wearing head borne night vision systems. Badger has also introduced the height of 1.70” which is the common height of lower 1/3rdred dot mounts. With the wide adoption of low power variable optics Badger Ordnance felt the need for a mount height option for shooters who have developed their skills on, and spent tireless hours training with, lower 1/3rdheight red dots. The C1 Modular Mount is also available in NV height compatible options both in flat and 20MOA bias with options available for mounting co-aligned laser range finding systems.

Commercial release for the C1 Modular Mount is set for Q1 2019 with initial offerings in 30mm, 34mm, and 35mm with initial Micro Sight Mounts being offered for the Leupold DPP, Trijicon RMR, and Aimpoint T1/T2. Badger Ordnance will continue to develop the C1 Modular Mount line with attachments such as levels, mounts for digital displays, angle cosign indicators, offset sighting systems and much more. Whether you’re a casual shooter, competitor or those serving their Nation in Law Enforcement or Armed Services, the Badger Ordnance C1 Modular Mount will meet your demands.

Be sure to see Badger Ordnance at SHOT Show at booth #20005.

Go Condition One!


10 Responses to “Badger Ordnance Introduces the Condition One Modular Mount”

  1. SShink says:

    What material is it made from?

    • BadgerOrd says:

      There’s a few different material options in the works. More details on that will be rolling out at SHOT.

  2. MTW says:

    Awesome. I’ve been messing with 45 degree offset mounts for a while now, and there seems to be a difficulty in finding that sweet spot to mount a CCO in conjunction with an LPVO. Honestly, I’m kind of surprised the industry hasn’t done this already. I’m glad to see that Badger O is innovating and bringing something to the table in the LPVO mount category. I’ll be picking one up as soon as they’re available.

  3. Alex says:

    Awesome!! Would love to see a 2.04″ height as well!

  4. Infuego says:

    I think this looks like a really great option. Love the totally new concept coming out of BO. Maybe they’re embracing innovation instead of just their bomb proof past? Love seeing this new stuff: I think I’ll pick one up for my low variable power glass this year. This is so much better than the 45 being off the top of the rings.

  5. DocZ says:

    Great to see established, well-known and trusted companies like Badger Ordnance not only listening to what people want and solving problems but combining everyone’s gripes into a solution that can be trusted. I’m already running their mount on my duty rifle but this solves a problem that I remedied with a less elegant and what I think is a less reliable manner. Thanks Badger, keep it coming

  6. Matt N says:

    Looks great! It’s nice to see a solution to mounting an offset T2 next to an LPVO. There wasn’t a great solution to this on the market before, with most other options requiring the user to either piggyback the T2 or buy a second mount and placing it in front of the LPVO mount, nether of which are ideal. This addresses that, and does it in a way that is compact and lefty friendly.

    Thanks for building a 1.93” mount too. I’ve found that while using an LPVO in the shoothouse or for anything dynamic I was having to duck into the optic at 1.54”, and so I had to mount it higher. 1.93 is definitely the way to go.

  7. Wake27 says:

    Wonder if this will be any cheaper than Geissele’s offerings. I’m not aware of any decent fixed 1.93 mount aside from them.

    • Håkan Spuhr says:

      We are not checaper, but we have 1,89″ mounts that offers everything you need…

      • Jack says:

        I personally just got a 3004 30mm from Spuhr. My 2.04 G mount is up for grabs. I think 2.04 is really best for pro-mask and/or when you need a high mount AND a clip-on Thermal/NV device.