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American Defense Mfg Launches Titanium Products

New Berlin, WI. January 2019 – American Defense Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer in high quality, high performance firearms and accessory mounts, is pleased to announce the introduction of Titanium in its mounts and lever assembly.

ADM has gained the capability of investment casting or Metal Injection Molding(MIM) titanium. For years, manufacturers in the firearms industry have tried to use titanium but was never done properly. It typically starts with a block of very expensive titanium that is machined down to the final part. Because it is harder than aluminum, it requires more machine time (labor), more tool wear and replacement, and worst of all, it leaves most of this expensive titanium on the shop floor, unused.

For 2019, ADM will be transitioning all of its mounts that include an aluminum/steel QD Autolock assembly to a full 6-4 aerospace titanium lever assembly. Benefits for this upgrade include:

• 59.9% lighter than current lever system

• Cross bolt thread strength increases to over 1,800 lbs. compared to 900 lbs. for steel.

• 63% lower thermal expansion/movement (less optical shift).

In addition to the titanium lever assembly,

ADM will begin producing several of its

popular mounts in full 6-4 aerospace

titanium. These mounts include ADM’s

Delta and Recon 30 mm, one-piece,

cantilevered scope mounts, the 170 and 170s mounts for the Surefire® Scout Lights, as well as low, co- witness, and lower 1/3 co-witness mounts for the Aimpoint® T1 and Trijicon® MRO red dot sights. These mounts have been skeletonized to significantly reduce overall weight, sometimes by up to 50%, and are the best solution for optics due to its superior thermal performance over aluminum.

“We are extremely proud and excited to begin incorporating titanium into our products. Our plans are not only to broaden our product offerings in the future, but to also act as an OEM by providing our titanium capabilities and services to other manufacturers in the industry who want to benefit from the advantages of titanium”, said John Gross, Chief Operating Officer for American Defense Manufacturing. “The firearms industry is driven by reductions in Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) and titanium, when used properly, can achieve significant results in these categories”.

Aluminum mounts with titanium lever assemblies are scheduled to begin product in March of 2019 and full titanium mounts are scheduled to begin production in April/May of 2019.

For more information on ADM firearms, mounts and accessories, please visit www.admmfg.com.

2 Responses to “American Defense Mfg Launches Titanium Products”

  1. Richie says:

    I assume by 6-4 they mean Grade 5 and not Grade 23? Both of these grades are 6Al4V alloys…

  2. Stickman says:

    Nice!! I can’t wait to see what the complete lineup looks like.