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SHOT Show 19 – Mantis X-10

The upcoming Mantis X-10 is not only smaller and lighter than the current model (seen mounted), it will also provide recoil and holster draw analysis as well as the standard shot analysis Mantis is known for.

Look for the Mantis X-10 in March.

4 Responses to “SHOT Show 19 – Mantis X-10”

  1. Ray Forest says:

    Was there any talk about the price increasing in the new model?

  2. Ray Forest says:

    Appears to mount like the Surefire A models. That’s one of the biggest complaints I had. Especially for training shooters on the line. QD on and off so you can pop it right on diagnose, adjust and move in to another student as needed

    • tcba_joe says:

      Honestly, they need to have removable shells shaped like X300us and TLR-1HLs so they fit and lock into light bearing holsters.

      • Ray Forest says:

        It still fits as is into several AIWB holsters I have. Retention isn’t really an issue with static training. I suppose it only applies to more dynamic movement in live fire and only with CCW holsters. It works fine in Safariland duty gear. If you figure that Safariland holsters are half the market in light bearing holsters and the other half are CCW rigs then consider that for holsters that retain via the light they would need two models, X300 and TLR, it’s not a good business move for them. In a perfect world it would be cool though.