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AXL Releases Upgrades for Crye Precision AVS & JPC

AXL specializes in making high performance upgrades and released their product line earlier today of enhancements for the Crye Precision™ AVS™ & JPC™.

Email to schedule a product demonstration at SOFIC (May 20-23).

See the video below for an overview of their products and visit to purchase.

Follow them @AXLadvanced on Instagram and Facebook for the latest news and updates.

Throughout 2019 AXL will be releasing more upgrades and enhancements that plug and play into the products of the following brands: Crye Precision™, FirstSpear®, S&S Precision, Spiritus Systems, Mayflower, Velocity, and many more.

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5 Responses to “AXL Releases Upgrades for Crye Precision AVS & JPC”

  1. James says:

    Good work AXL, looking forward to seeing you guys at SOFIC

  2. MC says:

    This is cool!

  3. TheFull9 says:

    Placard mounting systems look really well executed, I am a tad surprised at only having the Tubes be around the back though admittedly. I’d expect there to be a market for an aftermarket cummerbund that mounts them in the ‘traditional’ location,

    • JB says:


      Thank you for kind words. We do have a few solutions for Tubes cummerbund upgrades to the Crye AVS & JPC, however they are not yet available to the public. We have not found a satisfactory way to upgrade the Crye skeletal cummerbund with Tubes without permanently modifying it, outside of solutions that require the cutting or folding back of the velcro that can interfere with the placement of pouches and gear on the body side of the cummerbund.

      The primary goal for the initial AXL product release is to provide military and law enforcement personnel with drop in upgrades for issued gear without the need to purchase or send in equipment for custom modification.

      We would like to show you all our upcoming solutions if you’ll be attending SOFIC next week.

      Send us an email to to get comms going to setup a good time next week for a demonstration.

      Thank you for the comment!