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Shooter Symposium Wrap Up – Presented by SureFire

SureFire is the title sponsor of the finest firearms training event in the world, The Shooter Symposium. The Shooter Symposium is a one-of-a-kind training event in which 11 of the world’s top firearms instructors congregate to provide training over a three day period for 100+ likeminded attendees. Students will have the opportunity to train with up to seven of the instructors over the course of the weekend. Courses include handgun, rifle, low-light, night vision, medical and force-on-force combatives. On top of phenomenal training, the first day hosts a vendor show and live-fire range day along with several competitions where students will have a chance to win tens of thousands of dollars worth of prizes. The prize table will include SureFire suppressors, WeaponLights, holsters and many more tactical products from supporting brands. The 2019 instructor roster includes: Robert Vogel, Mike Pannone, Craig Douglas, Aaron Cowan, Dan Brokos, Jared Reston, Kerry Davis, Bill Blowers, Steve Fisher, Chuck Pressburg, Scott Jedlinski and Kyle Defoor has just signed on for The Shooter Symposium 2020! Learn more at:  www.shootersymposium.com The Ranch TX www.theranchtx.net


Instructor list:

Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics

Bill Blowers of Tap-Rack Tactical

Chuck Pressburg of Presscheck Consulting

Craig Douglas of ShivWorks

Dan Brokos of Lead Faucet Tactical

Jared Reston of Reston Group Critical Solutions

Kyle Defoor of Defoor Proformance Shooting

Kerry Davis of Dark Angel Medical

Mike Pannone of CTT-Solutions

Robert Vogel of Vogel Dynamics

Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts

Scott Jedlinski of Modern Samurai Project

3 Responses to “Shooter Symposium Wrap Up – Presented by SureFire”

  1. Ton E says:

    So we aren’t mad at Surefire anymore????

    • Payce says:

      Most of us that are familiar with gov’t contracts and how they work weren’t mad in the first place.

  2. Joe_K says:

    Wait, you mean there were 3Per Poorz that where mad at a multi-million dollar company that make, market, and sell top shelf quality things for professionals at a decent price? Color me unsurprised!