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Osprey New Vanguard 282 – Combat Vehicles of Russia’s Special Forces

The upcoming “Combat Vehicles of Russia’s Special Forces” from Osprey Publications will feature Spetznaz, Airborne, arctic and interior troops vehicles. It is written by Professor Mark Galeotti.

These books are always excellent general references and I recommend them for any library.

Russian SOF are being outfitted with a combination of armored vehicles and light all terrain vehicles for mobility regardless of the environ they’ll be operating in.

The contents give you an idea of what will be covered.

The Spetsnaz: Whatever They Need
The Airborne Troops: By Air and Land
The Naval Infantry: Finding Their Sea Legs
Specialised Forces: War and Peacekeeping
Security Forces: Hurricanes And Punishers
Prospects For The Future
Further Reading

It seems they have changed recently the cover, with the new version seen above. This title is expected to be released on May 26, 2020.

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  1. SShink says:

    Up-armored LADA 4×4?

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