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DDupleks Launches US Subsidiary

Friday, December 23rd, 2016

With their patented, cutting-edge technology, DDupleks non-toxic shotgun slugs have become the new gold standard for terminal ballistic slug performance in over 30 countries. In response to the surging demand for DDupleks slug ammunition in the North American market, the company has established a subsidiary company in the U.S.A.

The new DDupleks-USA sales office and warehouse/distribution center is located in Hoopston, IL., a central shipping point from where the new company can provide timely, efficient and reliable service to all accounts. DDupleks-USA will be the sole importer of DDupleks products for North America.

DDupleks-USA is actively planning to expand their North American distribution network using a team of American sales professionals. If you are interested in DDupleks products, please contact the DDupleks- USA sales office at (217) 283-4867 and request a sales representative contact you with information on pricing, sales programs, and inventory.

For 2017, the DDupleks-USA product line will include four, competitively-priced 12-ga. 2 3?4 inch slug loads in two brands. The “Steelhead ” brand is loaded with a solid steel ”Monolit” slug in 1 oz. or 1 1/8oz. weights. The ”Broadhead” brand is offered with an expanding steel slug of 1 oz. ”Dupo” type or 1 1/8 oz. “Hexolit” design. In the future, DDupleks will add slug loads in additional gauges and lengths as well as new slug designs.

All DDupleks ammunition is loaded to established industry standards in high-density plastic hulls, a high brass metal head and a No. 209 shotshell primer. Customers will find DDupleks shot shells packed in familiar 5-round paper packets in shipping cases of 250 rounds.

For more information on DDupleks shot shell slug ammunition including product specifications, videos and hunting reports, log on to: www.ddupleks-usa.com.