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I’m A Sucker For A Cool T-shirt

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

OAF has introduced this shirt depicting SO1 Tony “Scarface” Montana reimagined as a death dealin’ Frogman that just smoked a whole village of Talibs. Covered in blood, holding his ratchet with death in his wake. He’s ready to RTB, smash some groupies and hit the chow hall with his brodies.

Scoop up one of these bad Larrys here shop.oafnation.com

OAF Currency Poster

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

You’ve probably seen the operator artwork based on various denominations of US currency by @Plan_B_Actual. They are quite clever. Elusive so far, you can now own your own version.

OAF has set up a collaboration and this poster is the first of many planned between OAF Nation and @Plan_B_Actual. Get your filthy paws on this bad Larry ASAP and pay homage to one of the most trappinest leaders our country has ever known; Benjamin Freebandz


Noveske Releases OAF Nation Rifle

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

Grants Pass Oregon- (September 15, 2015) Premium rifle manufacturer, Noveske Rifleworks, is excited to announce the limited release of a collaboration rifle with OAF Nation. OAF Nation is a veteran advocacy group that often laces important social and political issues (along with current events) with their own style of irreverent humor.

“We’ve wanted to do a collab with an AR company for a while now but there were so many out there that just weren’t the right fit for us. On top of that we would never put our seal on or endorse a product that we haven’t used ourselves. When the opportunity arose for a collab with Noveske I was overwhelmed with pride. I ran a Noveske as a PMC in environments from Shash Darak to Wardak, Afghanistan. Out of all the weapons I put rounds through downrange, the Noveske was the ONLY platform that never once failed on me or the men on my project. Rain, sleet, snow, or sand; it was always ready to go. Could not be happier with how this AR came out and really grateful to Mike Aland and Noveske for making this happen.” Said the founder of OAF Nation.

“Upon hearing about his experiences with our product, it became a special project. Noveske has a rich history of providing rifles to those in harms way, and we take great pride in the reliability and accuracy of our rifles.” Added Mike Aland, CMO at Noveske.

We also teamed up to create a launch video that captures the rifle in an interesting shooting scenario with all of the hallmarks that make up a Noveske rifle combined with some of the sensibilities of the OAF Nation. The launch video can be found here:

The rifle, available in three colors, goes on sale today at noveske.com. Featuring our Gen 1 forged receiver set, 14.5” pinned and welded skinny barrel, and 13.5” NSR hand guard, OAF engraving, and will also ship in a California compliant configuration.


It Was Bound To Happen

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

You may remember in “Batman: The Dark Knight” that the Joker arises as an evil to counter the good of Batman. And so it goes. Good must have bad, dark have light, winter its summer, and on and on. Now, it’s come to Facebook which spawned Operator as F***, a page that amassed a whopping 150k ‘likes’ in the span of months with its jovial attempt to take the piss out of being serious. But it was only a matter of time before someone created its opposite.


It’s real all right.