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Solkoa is well known in very tight circles for their specialized survival training. In conjunction with an expansion that provides both training and full E&E kits to a wider customer base, Solkoa has began to offer some of the individual pieces of their line. Solkoa specializes in working with the user to develop a dedicated kit or they can provide a variety of containers, survival aids, and general guidance so that the individual can develop their own solution. I hope to see a full article on the container in the near future, but sufficed to say that they are works of art; truly. Specialized symbols can be machined directly into the container.

I recently tried the fastfire fire starter. Like so many of their other products, each package is discreetly wrapped in a resealable black bag that does not scream military. Each package of two pieces of tinder is designed to start up to 16 fires and the tinder burns both smokeless and odorless.
Solkoa Fastfire

Further information on their line of survival and evasion aids and training can be obtained by those with appropriate credentials.

For more information contact Solkoa

For information specifically on the fastfire product visit fastfire.


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