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Vickers Tactical Gloves

Vicker Tactical Glove

About a year ago, the Larry Vickers signature glove line hit the market and made an instant splash but seemed to fall off just as quickly as it appeared. But the gloves didn’t go away, and during the lull have been in use by a variety of personnel. Some of the delay was due to the distributor, Backyard Outfitter cutting their ties with Woolrich and reforming as a new company; Elite Operator Tactical. EOTAC is back and ready to hit the market with an improved line of clothing and accessories for the armed professional.

Obviously, based on the name, the gloves were designed by Larry Vickers. Many of you probably already know LAV so he should need no introduction, but for those of you who don’t know Larry, he is a retired career Army Special Forces Soldier and noted firearms expert and tactical trainer. Check out his website at the link below to learn more about him.

A few things about these gloves really stick out. When LAV was designing the gloves he didn’t want to just be another version of the same old flight glove copies everyone else was making so he worked with a well known glove maker from the outdoor industry to incorporate the latest in hand wear technology. Naturally, they are fire retardant and utilize a 9 oz Nomex knit on the gauntlet as well as on the back of the fingers and hand. Additionally, they have an ergonomic design found in few tactical offerings. What is really great about these gloves is that in addition to standard sizes (XS-3XL), they also come in Cadet sizes for those with shorter fingers. Finally, they are available in both OD and Coyote.

Based on price point and features, you really need to check these out.

For more information contact Vickers Tactical.

Be on the lookout for more information on EOTAC’s new line.

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